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$3,000 donated and a little free libarary!

the project

Creating Space Detroit has taken two adjacent lots on the corner of Northlawn and Santa Maria, that was once abandoned, overgrown and constantly being used for dumping, and turned it into a clean well kept lot. All of the over growth has been removed, the grass is cut on a regular basis, and any dumping is immediately removed. Turning a community eye sore into a place of possibility. 

Now, we would like to repurpose the land into a community pocket park, with space for children and adults in the community. The park would serve as a community gathering space -- for PLAY, EXPLORATION, and LEARNING...even relaxation for adults! Creating Space Detroit believes that you shouldn't have to leave your neighborhood to have a safe place to gather. 

Help us create 'recreation within walking distance' in the Bagley community! 

the steps

As soon as we reach our funding goal we will apply for our permits. By early spring of 2018 we will begin the build out of our park by completing the following. If we are able to get any of these items donated  before the total funds are raised we will install them immediately and update our campaign page.

1. Installing playground equipment

2. bench seating

3. solar lighting

4. pavillian or gazebo

5. landscaping.

6. free little library

why we're doing it

With the lots being vacant it became an overgrown site for dumping and it brought down the property value in the neighborhood. It also brings down the mood of the residents that live here. Detroit also falls below the National Recreation and Park Association recommendation of 10 acres of park space per 1,000 residents having only 6.7 acres per 1,000 residents. With our project we are putting vacant land to productive use. We have already cleaned and maintained the lot, removing blight and slowing the dumping activity. Once we are able to install the community pocket park it will increase property value, give the residents an opportunity to better socialize and provide a recreational space within walking distance; which will improve the overall health of the neighborhood. While working on the completion of the park we will work with the community to start offering various programs that are wanted in the neighborhood once the park is complete.


Disbursed Budget (2.13.18):

Gezebo/Pavilion - $1,500
Play Area - $1,689.32
Total- $3,189.32
And we also have an additional $3,000 that we raised outside of the ioby platform that will go toward bench seating, solar lighting, permits and landscaping.

RAISED = $3,320.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $95.68

Updated Budget (1.8.18): 

Happy New Year! We are so thrilled to have just received a direction donation of $3,000 towards our work in Bagley Park!  In addition, we have had the Little Free Library donated (thank you!). Therefore, our outstanding online fundraising goal has been adjusted to $4,860.

ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $146
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $5,041

Original Budget: 

Playground Installation-1,500

Playground Mulch - 350

Permits- 1,250

Insurance and Liability- 1,000

Free Little Library- 300

Bench Seating- 500

Gazebo/ Pavilion - 1,500

Landscaping -1,000

Solar Lighting - 760


  Project Subtotal = $8,160
  ioby Platform Fee $35
  ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $245
  Total to raise on ioby = $8,440



$3,000 donated and a little free libarary!

Happy New Year! We are so thrilled and thankful to have just received a direct donation of $3,000 towards our work in Bagley Park!  In addition, we have had the Little Free Library donated (thank you!). Through this generous offline support, we are now over halfway to our goal to bring recreation within walking distance in the Bagley Community.

Every dollar helps and we appreciate your support.

Thank you!


We had FUN at our Launch Party!

Our Ioby campaign is officially launched, and we couldn't be more excited! After our launch party, our neighbors are just as excited as we are.  It was wonderful to see the neighbors getting together to catch up, meet for the first time, talk, share ideas, and have fun. We got some wonderful ideas about the park and will continue the conversation at our next community meeting scheduled for November 8th at University of Detroit Mercy. We are partnering with the National Organization of Minority Architect Students(NOMAS) to help us with the design and layout of the park. At our next meeting we will begin working through the Detoit Future City: Working with lots field guide, in order to choose a design that we think would best fit our lot. Once we pick a design we will apply for the Working with Lots Mini Grant offered by Detroit Future City.

The launch party would not have been possible without all the help and support that we recieved from the following:

  • Detroit Parent Collective
  • Detroit Sip
  • Better Made Chips
  • Block Party Detroit
  • Sherwood Forest Branch Library
  • Live6
  • Detroit Little Libraries
  • National Organization of Minority Architect Students (NOMAS)
  • New Twist on Fun
  • FUNraisers


We Got A Free Little Library!

Detroit Little Libraries donated a free little library to us, and boy is it nice! It was a huge hit at our launch party. That takes $300 dollars off the budget for our campaign. We will continue to look for in kind donations that will help us reach our goal. If you or someone you know would like to give an in kind donation or volunteer contact us. We still need benchs, solar lights, a pavillion or gazebo and landscaping.


Launch Party

Creating Space Detroit is so excited to officially launch our Ioby campaign, that we're throwing a party! Our board members will meet the neighbors, have some fun and share ideas. This event will demonstrate what it would be like to have the vacant lots activated.

There will be a few local businesses there to introduce themselves including Detroit Sip and Love Travels Imports as well as members of NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architects). There will also be a bounce house, face painting, candy, a costume contest, story time and more!

There will also be food, drinks, board games, card games, music and the opportunity for neighbors to socialize. All will be welcomed to come and learn about the wonderful things happening in the Bagley Community.

The event will be October 29th from 1pm-4pm.


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