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the project

Lion's Tooth Project is a community-based youth project inspiring immigrant, queer, Black, Indigenous, POC youth to have more agency over their own wellness, healing, and personal stories through the art of photography and earth medicine. In 2020 we decided to create virtual offerings that could support youth who were experiencing further isolation, increased anxiety and stress, and a desire to reclaim their agency over their wellness. In April of 2020, youth leaders representing Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, and The Bronx took on the role of Peer Leads to co-facilitate weekly Virtual Drop-In Groups and a series of four Week Intensives for youth 14-24. All groups were are led by/for youth, honoring their roots and many beautiful intersecting identities. This year, as students go back to in-person classes we have been invited to support this transition by one of our partner schools, Landmark HS. We would love to continue our collaboration and be in service to approximately 100 students who will benefit from creative and healing spaces to address the long-lasting effects of the pandemic on their personal lives and wellbeing. 

We will work with a deep respect for our ancestors and community as our most powerful medicine. Youth will learn how to re-grow herbs/vegetables, make herbal medicine, and utilize the arts and mindfulness practices to support their wellbeing while providing employment opportunities through our paid Peer Lead roles.

In partnership with Landmark HS and local educators/teaching artists, we seek to collectively center youth on their own healing journeys as they navigate the impacts of COVID-19.

Your contribution will support our weekly classes and employment opportunities for our Peer Leads!

The funds will allow our team to work with partner organizations, engage and pay educators, provide youth stipends, and cover material costs for each week intensive.

Your donation is an investment in NYC immigrant, queer, and BIPOC youth so they can continue to connect, inspire, and thrive.

We appreciate your support! We can't do this alone.

the steps


Planning: meetings w/ Landmark HS teachers to plan year-round workshops troubleshoot covid-19 safety protocols and purchase materials. Hire Peer Leads and Teaching Artists who will co-facilitate sessions.


Implementation: LTP Peer Leads begin co-facilitating in/person workshops at our partner school, Landmark HS with the first two cohorts.

Workshop Series: Photography Legacy Project + Plant Medicine Care Circles



Implementation:  LTP Peer Leads begin co-facilitating in/person workshops at our partner school, Landmark HS with the last two cohorts.

- In-Person Workshop Series at Landmark HS

Workshop Series: Photography Legacy Project + Plant Medicine Care Circles 


- PHOTOVILLE Photography Showcase

- Harvest Celebration with Peer Leads and students at PHOTOVILLE

- Hire a new cohort of Peer Leads and plan upcoming 2021 workshops

why we're doing it

We want to continue to address the impact of deep-rooted inequality, discrimination, and oppression a large portion of our youth face due to their race, gender identity, status, or ability, which has become increasingly visible during this global pandemic. We hold community as our most powerful medicine so we are choosing to find creative ways to hold containers that transform grief and make space for joy. As Kazu Haga says, "if we hold intergenerational trauma, we also hold intergenerational wisdom".

We believe that creating access/projects where there is a connection to the land and plants as a form of healing and story-telling builds community and a sense of belonging. We hope this journey honors the amazing gifts and ancestral knowledge of our communities. Our youth will thrive as we strive to break isolation, connect them to needed resources to care for themselves and their families, and inspire them to tap into their creativity and sense of purpose.

We hope you can join us!



Covers monthly costs of PPE


Provides a variety of organic/local/sustainably grown herbs for our herbalism workshops


Provides general workshop materials support


Supports stipends for Teaching Artists


Contributes to our disbursement fund for youth Peer Lead stipends


Covers costs for showcase printed photo fence


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(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


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