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the project


The most simplified form of a Visual feedback loop is known in the form of pointing a video camera onto its own playback monitor. The loop delay between camera to display is usually in the order of 1 to several frames, creating phantasmagoric manipulation of the original recorded image.  

We are extending the basic use of this technique by adding audio input to the feedback loop, controlling the color shift and HUE setting. The majority of our alpha channel (original footage) content originates from Live 16mm film painting featured by our audio-visual artist. Apart from using common software packages such as Resolume, we encourage the use of the freeware [ ARRAST_VJ ] to apply audio and traditional FX, such as rotation, feedback amount, zoom level or blend modes onto the original footage through our Launch controlling unit. In our workshops, we teach using the latter software package, ensuring that the limitless curiosity and courage of our students is not muted by software expenses. 

Ubiquitous sensing enables the harvesting of massive amounts of data from the physical world. One way of using rich sensor network data is by visualizing and sonifying a complex environment. Visaural supports an audio-visually immersive, 3D virtual space in which users can explore real-time sensor data and inferences of all types, as well as long-term, aggregated information and knowledge acquired during the project "Visual feedback". Users can walk or even fly through a vivid, multi-modal “avatar gallery”, unbound by space or time.

We call the final product if these Twin-projects "Avatar Gallery".



Avatar Gallery is build on the Unity3D game engine, which enables real-time sensor data visualization. Besides recording 360-degree video of the gallery, stereo microphones will be connected to the sensor network in order to create metaphorical animations by using pitch or amplitude of the incoming signal. We will make use of further game engine affordances, such as manipulating color and intensity of the 3D animation through joystick or a sonic feedback loop.  

the steps

Visual Feedback

  • Installation of studio monitors and microphones with high dynamic range
  • Sound design and alignment
  • Visual projection mapping

3D virtual space

  • optimized 360deg Cameria installation
  • Interior reorganization and design


In our workshops, we describe the technical implementation of our system, present techniques to visualize sensor data within the virtual environment, and discuss potential applications of such Resynthesized Realities.

why we're doing it

At Visaural, we value innovation at the nexus of art, science and technology. Our core mission is to disseminate a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) model of education through our workshops and events inside our art installation to engage youth organizations, education institutes and education policy makers in a unique and interactive approach to promote STEAM.


Each Project team will include:

  • Project manager
  • Sound engineer
  • 2x Visual Artist/Workshop facilitator


Over the course of 3 months, a compensation package for the project team is created as follows:

  • Time: 12 weeks,
  • Pay: $26/h, half time (20h/week)
  • $26*240h=$6,240 per person

Total Payroll: 4x$6,240=$24,960

  • Overhead: 15% of operating expenses: $24,960*0.15=$3,744

Total Project Costs: $24,960+$3,744=$28,704

Total Twin-Project Costs: $57,408


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