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THANK YOU! & the journey continues--8/31 Our Campaign ENDS

the project

ATNSC at Kahnyonhake, is a gathering space in Cleveland where healing, learning, creating and leading through a lens of wholistic transformation as the focus of its work

We are creating an interdisciplinary space for wellness, life-long learning and leadership through a multicultural and creative framework to engage in experiential and creative dialogue and to create a sustainable and just world.  We have a special emphasis on intercultural, cross cultural and intergenerational connections to develop innovative, creative and sustainable solutions to both local and global dynamics.  

This is the second phase of ATNSC’s growth. Our first phase was to secure space in the Buckeye neighborhood and fundraise operations support--this is complete. Now we are fundraising an additional $10, 000  to complete the renovation of a duplex secured from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank that will serve as our permanent communal space and finally open our doors!

the steps

1. Through a collaboration with Neighborhood Housing Services, their contract manager will hire and manage contractors to complete the renovation

2. Renovate 11808 &11810 Cromwell Avenue

3. Prepare space for an October 2017 Grand Opening

4. Purchase needed equipment & supplies for programming & holistic health services

5. Begin marketing and community outreach efforts to raise awareness & solidify our presence in the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood 

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why we're doing it

We believe sustainable community change begins with the health and well-being of its members; We believe access to alternative health modalities within a neighborhood, access to information and diverse ideas are critical to building momentum and capacity within a community increases innovation, community organizing effectiveness and the creativity needed to address local community concerns; paradoxically, we believe access to diverse global perspectives can catalyze local communities to see themselves connected to a larger narrative and create increased commitment to nurturing a healthy community—change may begin with self, yet access to the tools and strategies to increase self-awareness and confidence is critical to any social transformation.


Many thanks to ALL who assisted in Phase One of our crowdfunding campaign in Summer 2016; because of you, we are here, growing to complete Phase Two--renovating a permanent home for ATNSC in our beloved Shaker-Buckeye-Larchmere neighborhood!


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $10,880.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $502.08

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $301.25

Total to disburse = $10,041.67

Renovation costs - $10,041.67


Original Budget

All donations from Phase Two of our ioby campaign will contribute to completing all of the required renovations documented in the specs provided by the Cuyahoga Land Bank and managed through our collaboration with Neighborhood Housing Services.

Renovation costs - $10,000

Subtotal - $10,000

ioby Platform Fee - $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) - $300

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) - $500

Total to raise - $10,835


THANK YOU! & the journey continues--8/31 Our Campaign ENDS

Greetings ALL!

THANK YOU for your support of ATNSC: Center for Healing and Creative Leadership. We want to let you know what your support has made possible.

During late spring, we wrapped up our first program ATNSC Reads, a reading group that brought together people from diverse walks of life to reflect on Remnants: A Memoir of Spirit, Activism, and Mothering by Rosemarie Freeney Harding (written in collaboration with her daughter, Rachel Elizabeth Harding). We were lucky to partner with Loganberry Books for the meeting space and Neighborhood Connections who provided copies of Remnants for all book club participants. Not only did this book call on us to learn more of the stories behind the stories of the Civil Rights Movement it also pushed us to question what kind of community we want to build with ATNSC.

Additionally, ATNSC hosted a virtual gathering with author and scholar Rachel Elizabeth Harding where participants were able to engage with Rachel about the text and listen to a moving reading from a section of Remnants.

It is these types of intergenerational and ancestral experiences that ATNSC is facilitating for people across differences locally and nationally through our virtual learning experiences.

As most of you know, ​through a wonderful collaboration with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland (NHS), ATNSC & NHS received a grant from the Cuyahoga Land Bank to renovate a vacant property in the historic Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood.  This house will serve as the permanent home for ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creative Leadership.  Additionally, ATNSC will be become the first non-profit organization to join the NHS Land Trust.

11808/11810 Cromwell Avenue needs a lot of love and restoration; we look forward to completing the needed renovations by October 2017. We have inventoried the repairs and identified the contractors, with NHS managing the renovation process! To meet this goal,  we still need to raise $6,105 by August 31st and we can do it with your ongoing support.

At the beginning of summer, ayurveda consultant Sankari Menon Wegman kicked off our “Ancient Teachings, Current Realities” virtual lecture series with her talk, “Ayurveda in Times of Change: The Necessity of Care.” This offering reflects the generative process that is ATNSC:  offering a way for people to care for themselves, using alternate healing modalities in culturally appropriate ways that are also practical and speak to our current experience in the world. We will offer extended programming related to our virtual gatherings at 11808 Cromwell and are learning that ATNSC’s virtual gatherings gives us ways to reach people across time zones and continents. Even when we have our home, we will still incorporate virtual learning as a way to increase access and connections.

This July, we attended the American Planning Association’s Storyteller event. After Carmen’s amazing testimonial about the vision for ATNSC, we were awarded first prize by a jury panel among a number of other fantastic ioby projects happening in Cleveland. That night crystallized for us that there is something about this moment that is calling people in Cleveland to act. ATNSC is more than a house, or programming, or activist work. It is our belief in the need to actively create the world we want to see rather than constantly responding to the anxiety that permeates our social worlds. We felt honored to be a part of that night with other people who are equally passionate about making a difference in our city.

We have some exciting things happening in the fall: our second virtual lecture on Indigenous theatre aesthetics with playwright Carolyn Dunn and a virtual workshop on herbalism and trans health with Vilde Chaya. We hope you can join us.

We’ve been lucky to find so many wonderful collaborators, in Cleveland and in the wider world. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We could not have gotten this far without you (and a lot of grit). We only have 22 days left in our ioby campaign and we still need to raise $6,105. We are asking you to share this with your friends and loved ones and neighbors and the kinda funky owner of the tea shop down the street. You have seen what we can do without our own space; imagine the difference we can make with a sustainable space for growth and collaborative learning experiences.

Please visit and share our website for more information on the meaning of ATNSC:

Please help us reach our goals by visiting and sharing our ioby campaign with your network:

ATNSC is doing amazing things and you can help us by sharing our story with others! We need to raise $6,105 by August 31st.  We can do this--together.  

Many Thanks for your support!

With deepest gratitude,

M. Carmen Lane

Kirby Broadnax

Scott Buquor

Misty Luminais

Elfi Martinez


FORWARD: Phase Two for ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creative Leadership

Greetings ALL,


Welcome to Phase Two of building ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creating Leadership! Currently, thanks to donors like you, we are: engaged in a community reading group, ATNSC Reads hosted by Loganberry Books on Larchmere; launching a virtual lecture series, “Ancient Teachings, Current Realities” (premiering May 31st) and piloting a six day End-of-Life Doula training (fall 2017).


The intention of our initial ioby fundraiser in Summer 2016 was to secure funds for operations support, programming materials and light renovations of a commercial space on Buckeye Road. As ATNSC’s space needs expanded, we partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland and submitted a grant proposal for a vacant property and 70% of the renovation cost through the Cuyahoga Land Bank. Our proposal was accepted and we will be renovating 11808/11810 Cromwell Avenue as the permanent location for ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creative Leadership.  Thanks to you were are now moving into Phase Two of creating a strong and sustainable foundation for ATNSC’s holistic health, leadership and arts & culture programming. Fifty percent of our initial fundraiser will be dedicated to the renovation at Cromwell while the remaining donations will remain as part of our operations and programs budget.


Starting today we are once again partnering with ioby to launch an expansion fundraiser to secure the necessary funds to complete the renovation of our vacant Buckeye-Shaker property.  As part of our fundraiser, Neighborhood Connections has agreed to participate in a dollar for dollar match up to $2000 (for example a $20 donation becomes a $40; a $50 becomes a $100 donation). 


I am deeply grateful for your ongoing support; of turning a dream into a reality rooted in community.


We are here—together.


Much Love,


M. Carmen Lane

Founder & Director, ATNSC


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