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Queens (Astoria)
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the project

This project will close Shore Blvd down to all traffic on August 5th, 12th and 19th and open the street up to pedestrians and non-vehicular modes of transportation. By doing this, we are improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions on the street as well as allowing and encouraging all park goers to move free and safely while enjoy this magnificent stretch of urban landscape. It is a project we are undertaking in hopes of enhancing park use, improving air quality, promoting environmental education and encouraging additional active recreation spaces to address childhood and adult obesity.   Volunteers from the Astoria Park Alliance and Green Shores NYC will provide the majority of the planning, and facilitation of the event. Since the community has expressed so much support in past years, we are cultivating volunteer involvement from many community members. We hope that children and adults alike will participate in the many interactive program pieces we provide, or create their own unique, passive shoreline experience.

the steps

Because we have an event template to work from, we will utilize our past experience to create a work calendar. We will then create committees who will work on specific pieces of the event, such as Volunteer Recruitment, Food Donations for Volunteers, Programming, Publicity, etc. We will set up a regular meeting time to report progress on assignments and trouble shoot. 

Meetings and communication will become more frequent as the event draws near. Beginning in Mid-July, we are in full production mode until the end of the event. Then we collapse.

why we're doing it

The real core of this event is the desire for the community to take urban space and experience it's natural inclination. We are reclaiming a missing link between park land and shoreline and allowing our natural human senses to steer us to an authentic reality, that this artificial use of space is not as productive as a more natural use of this space. This is a very challenging premise for some members of our community, and an absolute organic truth for others.

We are providing a natural experience for the community that no one has ever provided before.


$400 Stage Manager, $500 sound equipment, $400 equipment rental, $400 generator, $300 banners, $250 garbage and recycling bags, $150 for hydrating bevs and snacks for volunteers, $1500 for recyclable sod, $200 art supplies, $300 for driveway games total = $4400 third party credit card processing (3%) = $132, ioby materials and labor = $35, total to raise = $4,567


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