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Superior and E 22nd
(Superior Arts Neighborhood, Campus District)
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the project

We are a group of artists, residents and neighbors working to make our community art-friendly, comfortable, safe and inclusive to all. Along Superior Avenue we will to do this through creating a neighbor planned bus stop where:

- People can be sheltered from the elements blowing off of Lake Erie

- Artists can beautify the neighborhood by using the shelter as a rotating canvas

- Solar lighting elements will provide a safer transit experience

- Seating will provide comfort to our neighbors and guests

- Wifi will allow the stop to be a community information hub to check bus schedules, neighborhood events and homeless services.

The more money we raise the more features we can include our bus stop!

the steps

  • Determine how many of our desired elements can be included in the ideal bus shelter based on funds raised.

  • Meet with stakeholders throughout the neighborhood to decide which elements are most important

  • Engage property owners and Regional Transit Authority to choose an ideal location along Superior Avenue.

  • Work with Cleveland Institute of Arts professor and students to design shelter elements

  • Throw a neighborhood potluck to get feedback on design

  • Organize a call for artists to provide public art on a rotating schedule

  • Construct shelter with volunteers and professionals

why we're doing it

The Superior Arts District is of downtown Cleveland is home to artists, daycares, churches, small businesses and homeless services. This 30-year old Arts District belongs to a diverse community and is working create an environment that supports all of its neighbors.

Our goal is to create interactive arts-oriented bus shelter focusing on a relaxed and safe environment for those using the Cleveland RTA on Superior Avenue. The streets does not currently have many bus shelters and this project will provide riders relief from rain, wind and snow throughout the year. With multiple daycare facilities in the area  a significant number of riders are parents with children. Additionally, the neighborhood is a social service hub for people experiencing homelessness, many of which depend on public transit. Local artists will design a unique experience for riders that includes exciting lighting, artistic flair and relief from extreme weather conditions for all riders. We hope to create more than a shelter by fostering a place of interaction among the many diverse members of our neighborhood.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 8.8.16): 

RAISED = $10,603.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%)
on all non-match donations
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $10,422.19

$6,500 Art Stop construction/building materials*

$1,500 Installation costs

$500 Construction designs stipend for local design students
$300 Wifi hot spot purchase and cost for 1st year
$500 Labor (partial donation)
$200 Projected permitting fees
$200 Food for community design review gatherings
$200 Printing/Advertising/Outreach to local artists and social service providers about new community resources
$250 Food and entertainment to celebrate success of Art Stop installation with a community party!
$272.19 Maintenance from damage or graffiti abatement

TOTAL: 10,422.19

 *Material Break-down

2 x 4 lumber - framing: $250

2 x 6 lumber - framing: $200

4 x (6 x 6) Posts: $270

Sheathing: $400

Roofing: $500

Pallet wood: $250

Rafters: $200

Sheet Metal: $700

Screws/nails/bolts: $100

Digital display board / programs / software / wiring & supporting materials: $1000

Wiring & structure materials - Solar Panel: $500

Outdoor Cushions: $200

Paint: $150

Landscaping: $200

Drainage materials: $80

Lighting (transformer, LED programmable, weathered strips & wiring): $1200

Signage: $100

Material delivery charges: $200

TOTAL = $6,500



$6,500 Art Stop construction/building materials

$1,500 Installation costs

$400 Construction designs stipend for local design students

$300 Wifi hot spot purchase and cost for 1st year

$400 Solar panels

$500 Labor (partial donation)

$200 Projected permitting fees

$200 for food for community design review gatherings entertainment to celebrate success of Art Stop installation with a community party!

SUBTOTAL = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
*Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335

*Processing fees will not apply to match dollars received by the campaign. The fee calculation above is an estimate and is likely to change at time of disbursement, based on the amount of donations received. 


Thank You!


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