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Colin K
758 National St
(The Heights of Memphis TN)
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the project

AM:PM Studio's mission is to harness the power of art to build community--and we want to begin by dispelling our Covid-blues with an Art Party in The Heights! Our neighborhood children and youth, especially, have struggled with the isolation of virtual schooling brought by the pandemic, only to meet an intense focus on academic "catch-up" as they returned to school in person. Adults in our community, after years of disinvestment in our neighborhood, were hit even harder by employment uncertainty during the worst of the pandemic. AM:PM Studio is hosting the Art Party to counteract this recipe for depression: to bring our neighborhood together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our predominately Black and Latinx residents with food, music, visual art activities, and fun!

the steps

Our team will:

Publicize the event through neighborhood canvassing, poster advertisements in neighborhood businesses and other locations, social media announcements, etc.

Book the band.

Plan activity centers and schedule for the day.

Arrange food delivery.

Set up and clean up, day of the event.

why we're doing it

AM:PM Studio builds community in The Heights neighborhood of Memphis, TN, through the power of art. We address the shortage of art programming and projects that are accessible by low-income residents, particularly youth, by providing space, tools, classes, and mentorship for local makers. We promote neighborhood beautification and pride through public art projects that are community-driven. We believe that showing visible care for our neighborhood will change the valuing of The Heights at every level--from children growing up here, to elders with deep roots in the neighborhood, to the Memphis arts community, to investors and civic leaders.


Food, beverages, and serve ware--$1000

Children's art supplies--$250

One-time-use cameras for "My Heights" photo exhibit--$300

Developing and printing for "My Heights" photo exhibit--$300

Fee for band--$1000

Decorations and clean-up supplies--$150

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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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