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the project

The Art Palace On Wheels

The Art Palace on Wheels brings the Arts "Outside" literally and metaphorically. It creates a public art gallery platform that will reach Clevelanders who don’t frequent local cultural institutions.

The project

We will purchase a Step Van and convert it into a Mobile Art Gallery. Performing art programs will accompany the exhibit and will take place outside the mobile art gallery or in nearby publicly accessible spaces beginning this Spring of 2022.


The Art Palace on Wheels aims to increase the visibility of artwork by Presently and Formerly Incarcerated Artists and Community-Based marginalized Artists.


Our intent is to present exhibitions once a month for seven months, spring - fall, going to accessible public spaces such as libraries, schools, park districts, parking lots and vacant lots throughout Cuyahoga County.

the steps


  • Purchase a used vehicle
    • rent a Van until we find one to purchase   
  • Have signs made
  • Recruit artwork and performing artists
  • Secure locations and dates
  • Purchase Art Display Grid for hanging artwork outtside

  • Add mobile art project to my insurance

  • We began exhibiting June 29th 


why we're doing it

Because I am getting older and because of the shift in world thinking, that has been mandated by the COVID-19, my question to myself became "How can I continue to serve my artistic self and the Greater Cleveland community in a more consistent, and socially aware outreach capacity that would continue to expand the awareness of the arts beyond the walls of an art gallery and/or museum building?" My answer: "The Art Palace on Wheels" a Mobile Art Gallery. This project is designed with a “high degree of flexibility” and accessibility in its desire and efforts to work with and engage the community. 

The Art Palace on Wheels will be an ongoing project of Kings & Queens of Art. Our First Exhibition of Work will be by Presently and Formerly Incarcerated Artists“ This is an exhibition of work by real people trying to do great and good things in dark worlds behind razor wire and in the communities that they are returning to. Our citizens who are presently incarcerated are often referred to as "The Forgotten Population". More than 650,000 prisoners are released nationwide each year, and the reintegration of men and women leaving prison is challenging policymakers and practitioners at the federal, state, and local levels. Often cited as being of greatest concern is the high rate of recidivism among former prisoners—half of whom return to prison within three years—yet, recidivism is only one outcome in the process of leaving prison and returning home. 

As a Creative Art Therapy Specialist and as a formerly incarcerated artist and Recovering Alcoholic and Addict with 23 years of uninterrupted sobriety, I have first-hand knowledge that one of the struggles of Presently and Formerly Incarcerated artists lies in their personal searches of Self-Acceptance and Community Acceptance. This outreach project was conceived with "Recidivism Prevention" in mind. It is my intent to allow for and build direct relationships between Presently and Formerly Incarcerated artists, neighborhood artists and the communities they inhabit or anticipate coming home to.

This endeavor is part of the mission and vision of Kings & Queens of Art: To support the self-expression of artists by providing quality and accessible, opportunities that promote individual development and improves the overall quality of life for artists and the community.


Disbursed budget 2.7.21:

TOTAL RAISED = $2,090.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $62.70

Revised budget:

$2,027.30 to place and initial down payment on the van by the end of May 2022

Original budget:

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised.


$10,000 to purchase a van

$3,000 to convert van into a gallery

$2,000 for stipends for general Labor to help with set-up and break down at each of the 5 events


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  • Evelyn Burnett
  • joyce h.
  • JL/PB
  • Anonymous
  • Adrienne M.
  • Jeffrey E.
  • Amber F.
  • Trevor P.
  • Maura Garven
  • Benjamin C.
  • Deidre M.
  • Valerie S.
  • Habeebah R.
  • Jan T.
  • Evelyn Burnett
  • Bobbi Reichtell