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the project

In 2004 some of the businesses and community leaders got together to help with a project for a family in Spring Garden. The project redid the whole house and took it from a house in, let's say, less than comfortable living conditions to a very livable home. 

The name of the project was "ANGELS IN THE GARDEN". Well, we are back. This time with a project with greater impact to all of our Spring Garden community.

We plan to paint, power wash, cement, weed, and carry out other beautification projects on 10-15 homes to beautify our neighborhood. From Chestnut Street 1000 block, to the 3200 block of Spring Garden Ave., along with the back street as long as funds last. We have quite a mixture of energetic business owners and residents ready to help. A committee is already looking at possible houses and businesses to beautify. 

We are all pitching in the funds to beautify our neighborhood. Due to the One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge grant, all donations to the project will be DOUBLED UP TO $10,000, but funds are running out so we have to act quickly. The long and short of it is this is finally a plan for a major uplift for our community! We hope we can get you support financially, and through your participation. 

We  all care about our unique area.




the steps

The committee of neighbors is visitng homes and businesses to propose facade improvements to beautify our neighborhood main streets. Please contact us to learn more about how we're assessing what we can afford to do as volunteers together. 

Beginning in April 2019, we'll volunteer to improve the facades of 10-15 buildings, depending on what work needs done so we can stretch our funds to the fullest impact. 

why we're doing it

We love our uniqe neighborhood and we want to beautify it for everyone's benefit. 


Disbursed Budget 2.13.19:

Paint $4000. Power washing $2000. Carpentry $992 Cement $1000 

RAISED = $8,667.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $399.63
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $239.78

Original budget:

We are looking at doing around 10 to 15 houses.
We will be painting some, and power washing others, with some repair work and carpentry as needed.

Painting estimate: $8,000.00 (brushes and rollers, paint, labor)

Power washing estimate:  $4,000.00 (labor and material)

Carpentry material estimate: $4,000.00 (Fencing, paneling, 2x4 mouldings) 

Cement work to fix sidewalks estimate: $4,000

Project Subtotal =  $20,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,000
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $600
Total to Raise on ioby = $21,635



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