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the project

With the money I raise I tend to throw a very big dance event for the Sacramento community where I personally believe will be the start of something new and great for Sacramento and the dance community. I plan to bring people from all over the U.S. and even the world to this event to widen peoples eyes on dance and the different varieties of styles. I want people to be encouraged and inspired when they come to my event. To see that it is possible to do anything and to be anyone you want to be. I want this event to have top quality written all over it and for it to be amazing in every aspect. 

I don't plan to make too much if anything from this event, however, whatever I do make will go towards the next event and so on and so forth. I want to keep throwing events and to keep the ball rolling so that eventually I can have events going on throughout the the entire year and have people looking forward to my events annually. I want people to remember this event, to remember how much of a good time they had and what they witnessed. If people leave this event and go out to train, make more ideas, be more creative, and achieve more for the community. At that point I will have been successful. 

Sacramento deserves something big, a change, some spice, and some excitement. With that being said nothing in this world is free and you get what you pay for. I want this event to be different from other events and not just another event a random person throws. Quality is a very big part of events and really in anything on life, this is one of the main things I want my event to be known for. Good people, good vibes, good ideas, and good quality. Consistency and good quality is what will separate us from everyone else in Sacramento who throw dance events. We will be one of few, but hopefully it doesn't have to stay like that. Our goal is to build the community and we plan to do that with everyone. Join us. 


the steps

Once the money is in hand it will go straight to all the pieces of this project that haven't already been paid for. Payments will be made to the judges, MC, DJ, exhibitions, cash prize, etc. Money goes out back into the community since most of the people working and being hired for this event are local and are supporting the community. Investments will also be made towards the brand "Emotions" to keep these events and projects going throughout the year. 

why we're doing it

We're doing this because Sacramento needs a change. It is not just Sacramento, but the dance community as well locally is not at it's best. Our dance community can be so much bigger and so much more full of culture than it is right now. There are cracks in the community and in the culture right now that need fixing. Some of us feel like there is this big hole in Sacramento that needs to be filled and we're gonna be the ones to do it. I wanna build the community back up and I want to share things with people and open their eyes.  A year and a half ago many people barely knew I existed and now I am supported by many and have a lot of people rooting for me. I want people to see it is not too late for anything and that you can start your dreams now. I want people to join me in that dream, my vision I have for the future. I'm doing this for us. 



Venue, Judges, DJ, MC, Advertising, Cash Prize, Marketing, Insurance, Flights, Exhibitions, Hotels, Videographer, Photographer, Miscellaneous items. 

TOTAL RAISED = $10,590.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $158.85


Venue, Judges, DJ, MC, Advertising, Cash Prize, Marketing, Insurance, Flights, Exhibitions, Hotels, Videographer, Photographer, Miscellaneous items. 


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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