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the project

How many of us know Senior citizens who are hestitant to use technology, although it could improve their quality of life?  From banking to applying for benefits to ordering their medications technology barriers can be life threatening.  Not to mention, keeping in touch with family members is critically important for our older population and that's almost impossible with limited technology skills. 

Now how many of us know young people who struggle to connect and communicate with elderly folks in their neighborhood, and could benefit from inheriting that history?
This past summer All Hands on Deck: Making Technology Connect, brought together 5 seniors and 5 children to exchange tech knowledge for personal narratives and history from our Seniors.  We saw both groups grow tremendously in the process.  Help us grow this program, so our Youth can respect and appreciate our Seniors who are our greatest resource and our Seniors can learn how to operate a smart phone, tablets, laptops and most importantly, take selfies!

the steps

1) Market the program

2) Host initial meeting to plan our objectives

3) Meet & Greet with Seniors and Youths to pair them up

4) Start Bi-monthly Tech Training Sessions

5) Session one: Getting Connected-Basic intro to computers, keyboarding, exploring cell phone features and there usage, how to make calls & text, setting up contacts, creating email accounts, search engines and cyber security for seniors. Seniors dialogue with youth

6) Session two: Staying Connected-Navigating the internet, online purchasing, social media, facetime & Skype and cyber security.  Senior dialogue with youth.

7) Session three: Luncheon-Recap/review of Sessions one & two, participation awards ceremony

why we're doing it

In this day and age our society is technology driven and our Seniors need to be able to communicate and access information in this fast paced world.  Along with bridging the intergenerational gap this project is much needed because it equips our Seniors with the necessary skills to access and use the internet.  Also it will instill pride in our Youth that they were instrumental in teaching those who may have felt they were unteachable.  We're never too mature to learn. Our Seniors will be able to effectively communicate in the 21st century and they'll develop a sense of security when it comes to interacting with our Youth.  Our Youth will embrace the treasures found in our Seniors through sharing their life experiences.   Our project consists of two sessions. The first session: Getting Connected and the second session: Staying Connected. During these sessions the Youths will teach the Seniors how to  functionally operate their cell/smart phones as well as laptops and tablets.  The sessions focus on cyber security, basic intro to computers, keyboarding, getting the Seniors familiar with the various capabilities of the equipment, texting, setting up contacts, creating email accounts, managing personal business information, navagating the internet and of course, how to take the best selfies ever!!!  In our communities many young people struggle to connect and communicate with elderly folks, our goal is to dispel that myth. In return our Seniors share personal narratives while mentoring the youth. 



RAISED = $70.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) ($2.04) waived



Equipment: 6 Laptops@ $250.00 each                                                $1500.00

                      4 tablets@ $100.00 each                                                  $400.00

Stipends for Youth: 10@$25 per session 2 sessions each cycle     $500.00

Advertising materials: Fliers, cards & postage                                    $100.00

Participant T-Shirts: 25@ $15 per shirt                                                 $375.00

wrap up luncheon 25 participants@ $13 per person                        $325.00

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee  waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived



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