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the project

During this moment we are all experiencing shifts in the individual, interpersonal, communal, political, and professional identities that we once held before the pandemic. We are being called to grieve, shed, reconcile and heal forward. I believe as individuals and a collective, we have to learn how to grieve and be given the space to process our grief in healthy, safe and benevolent spaces (both physical and digital).  I would like to create a media budget/ platform that hosts a team of BIPOC yoga facilitators (whose work has been disrupted by COVID-19) to produce high-quality yoga and meditation videos for BIPOC currently sheltering in place.

Wellness content I am looking to feature:

For Grief

For Anxiety

For Families

For Moms

For Children

Chair Yoga for Every Body

Meditations for Introspection

Sound Healing

the steps

With this Impact Grant, I will partner with a Black media company to Direct, Cast, Film, and Produce BIPOC meditations and yoga videos to share online to be accessed by communities locally and people around the world to access and continue their inner journey towards liberation. Over the next 3 months, I would like to produce a 6-10 part Liberatory Yoga series that not only empowers but promotes introspection and encourages self-actualization. 

why we're doing it

We are increasing the representation of Black people in digital wellness practices online, providing financial relief for local Black yoga facilitators disrupted by COVID-19, and supporting BIPOC “Sheltering-In-Place” through an online yoga platform of Black-led yoga classes to mitigate the emotional, physical, and mental stressors of this moment.


$2500 for Film, Lighting and Audio equipment.

$2500 for Editing 6-10 part community yoga videos.

$4000 for Compensation budget for BIPOC yoga instructors.

500 for Advertising budget

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