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Twenty Air Filters Assembled! Thank you to all who helped.

the project

The Hamtramck Mutual Aid Timebank and the Unity in Our Community Southwest Detroit Timebank would like to reduce exposure to recent wildfire smoke by assembling DIY air filters*  and distributing N95 masks for our communities. We will use funds to one* public workshops, where participants will receive masks, learn about air quality, and make an inexpensive filter fan to either take home or donate to another community member - for free or pay-what-you-can. [*Update 9/19/23: we switched from two workshops to one, for both timebanks]

4 MERV-13 filters + box fan - see 

the steps

1. Purchase MERV-13 Filters, Box Fans and Masks

2. Secure workshop locations, design flyer 

3. Promote workshops 

4. Host the workshops - partnering with local timebanks and environmental justice orgs, we will assemble filters, demonstrate how to use them, talk about air quality alerts and measures to reduce exposure, as well as eat snacks and share other ideas. 

5. Report back

why we're doing it

Breathing hasn’t been so easy in the Motor City lately. Smoke from wildfires across Canada has caused air quality to be “unhealthy or worse for at least 1 out of 3 days during June 2023” (, and as long as the fires rage, pollution from the smoke is expected to recur ( This hits hard in Hamtramck and Southwest Detroit, where we already experience pollution from local industry, and have some of the highest rates of asthma in the state. Many people in these communities cannot afford air purifiers and often avoid the outdoors due to these conditions. 



MERV-13 filters 1170
Box Fans 320
N95 Masks 45
Snacks 37.06



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $103.11
TOTAL TO RAISE $4,603.11
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TOTAL RAISED = $1,596.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (4%) $31.92


Twenty Air Filters Assembled! Thank you to all who helped.

Thanks to all who came out Sunday, 11/12 to our (rescheduled) air filter workshop, where we assembled 20 air filter fans to take home or share with a neighbor. These fans will help reduce exposure to COVID-19 particles and air pollutants indoors. 

Thanks to all who donated to our IOBY fundraiser, Iyengar Detroit for hosting, Blasey's Water Wagon for transporting supplies, Hamtramck Hardware for getting us a deal, UOC Timebank and Michigan Alliance of Timebanks for your support, and IOBY Detroit & the Detroit Match program for amplifying our fundraising. 

Workshop in Hamtramck planned for Oct 14th

Thank you to all who have contributed to our fundraiser so far! Thank you to Detroit Match for boosting each donation, as well!

We fundraised over 30% of our goal so far! While we have a ways to go, we decided to scale back our project to consist of one workshop in Hamtramck open to members of both timebanks as well as the public. Save the date - Oct. 14th, 1-3pm, at Iyengar Yoga in Hamtramck. RSVP here:

We have a flier! And are working on sourcing supplies. 

Thanks, and be well. -Julua



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