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the project

Creating a Platform to allow Artists to use A.I. to create art but maintain control of their creativity. The platform will include text to video and text to image generators in addition to creating digital avatars. 

Emmy-winning writer and award-winning filmmaker Alex P. Michaels, founder of Prelude2Cinema, took the stage at the 10th anniversary of Accelerate, sponsored by the Cleveland Leadership Center February 22nd, 2024. Michaels and  pitched his bold vision for the future of filmmaking in a session titled "AI versus Artists: Coming Together “
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As part of this Platform, we will be creating AI movies. 

the steps

The goal is to educate Artists in using existing AI tools to mimic their talents 

The second goal is to create art using their own creativity and AI

The third goal is to reach the audience 

why we're doing it

As Artists, we realize that A.I. is being used by some businesses to replace human artists, so it is imperative that we find a way to work with A.I. and make it beneficial for us. 


  • Subscriptions to AI platforms $750
  • Artists for platform $1,250
  • Web Designer $2,250
  • Marketing $500


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8%    $431.82
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $215.91
TOTAL TO RAISE    $5,397.73
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