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the project

Our project name is the “Agri-Green Space and Learning Garden”. This is a component of Project Love Coalition and it's Green S.E.N.S.E. initiative that consists of a veteran led garden activity which will bring community residents together to create a public green space to remove blight, improve public safety combined with a learning garden to teach entrepreneurship and how to grow healthy food using sustainable technology based on STEAM elements.

A vacant lot site has been approved under the city’s Adopt-A-Lot program which will place the garden & green space on the Centre Ave corridor a block from the public library where PLC currently conducts public meetings.

the steps



  • March - Soil Testing
  • April - Planning Harvest Homecoming Dinner; Begin ioby strategic planning for funding
  • August - Partner and donor outreach
  • October - Harvest Homecoming Dinner; Activate ioby strategy for fundraising



  • March - Clear site of tree stumps, garbage, Prepare Beds
  • April - Garden Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor, media, veterans, officials, community organizations and residents
  • May - Work Day (2nd week) and Planting Day (3rd week)
  • May - August - Cultivating
  • September - Cultivating / Harvesting
  • October - Harvest Homecoming Dinner, Cultivating, Planting


why we're doing it

The Project Love Coalition and it's Green S.E.N.S.E. initiative is actively exploring gardening activities for veterans which can provide healing therapy and economic opportunites for veterans. Additionally, there is a food desert and disinvestment in the community area designated for the project. PLC is currently seeking people to help develop an enhanced model training program to encourage veteran engagement in agricultural pursuits, particularly concerning small and medium-size farms and agribusiness, such as the provision of education and training to veterans and the development of skills leading to job placement and career opportunities in farming, including access to land (5 to 100 acres), equipment, and capital.


Disbursed budget:
Shipping Storage Container $1,397.30

TOTAL RAISED = $1,453.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $20.70
Original budget:
- Blocks $1133
- Soil $825
- Mulch $63
- Garden Elements $858
- Irrigation (Numbers dependent on how many Hose bibs we have) $126
- Tools $474
- On-going Supplies (Items bought yearly) $283
- Paint $600
- Shipping Storage Container $2000
- Green House (8 ft. W x 20 ft. D x 8 ft. H Custom Heavy-Duty Aluminum) $3000
- Wind Turbine (Coleman 400-Watt 12-Volt Land and Marine Wind Turbine) $500

Project Subtotal =  $10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
Total to raise on ioby = $10,335



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