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the project

The mission of SOS is to enrich the lives of children and families through innovate, educational and life skill progams. SOS would like to continue to provide education through tutoring to youth at Bolton. 43% of the families with children are living below the poverty level and 47% of children are in grades K thru 12. Bolton test scores are rated below the state average. This suggest that students are not performing at grade level. Funding will enable us to continue the tutoring program. Last year we were able to use a creative art component to effectively engage the students in reading and math. Our continuing goal is to improve reading and math skills which includes increasing student self-confidence, improving behavior skills and the respect of their peers. 

the steps

September 1- 10  Affirm our continuing committment with Bolton and confirm initial start date.  Contact parents of studenrts who signed up at Boltopn's Back to School Bash in August.  Contact Dean of Student Engagement at Bolton to arrange meeting with teachers and distributing flyers. Meet with Tutors to review goals and objectives. Purchase supplies and snacks.  September 10 - 24 Prepare necessary paperwork for teachers as it relates to specific students that will be in the program and their challenges.  Prepare and distribute letter for parents as to process, discipline and parental responsibility. September 26  Meeting with Tutors to assess progress and challenges. October 1 - Discuss with Dean of Student Engagement any challenges that we have encountered such as student discipline and lack of teacher or parental support.

why we're doing it

Building upon the relationship and programs such as, Summer Camp Scholarships for Bolton Students, FOCUS Group at Case Western Reserve University for Wrap Around School Strategy, Annual Help Fair at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Community Baby Shower at Bolton, we have demonstrated our committment to address the social and economic problems that the Fairfax community faces. In 2018 with funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, SOS was able to offer the After School Program. Through the support and cooperationof the teachers in providing homework assignments and test scores we were able to target deficiences and work with the students. The Cuyahoga Arts & Culture grant enabled us to use creative art projects (personalized name tents, book marks, tee-shirt drawing, keyword poetry)  to engage the students in fund learning activities. We would like to be there this year so the students can see that we have returned to help them move forward towards graduation.  


The Afterschool program will begin September 10, 2019, to January 14, 2020, and will operate 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6PM. The budget breakdown is Stipend for Tutors is based at $ 15.00 per hr x 2 hours  per day  = $ 30.00 x 2 days a week = $ 60.00 x 17 weeks = $ 1020.00. Oversight and Management of Tutors at $ 50.00 a week x 17 weeks = $ 850.00.  Supplies and Snacks at $ 50.00 a month x 5 months = $ 250.00. 

Total =  $ 2,120.00

Additional supplies or snacks will be provided by the SOS organization and are not included in this budget.

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $67
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $2,222




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