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776 State Route 58
(Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District)
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the project

Starting with a small section of raised beds, a neglected 2-acre grassy area between the school access road and the staff parking lot will be transformed into a space for the entire community. Over the next 3 years, the project will culminate with a combination of raised beds, row cropping, livestock, silviculture, and conservation, providing a supply of fresh food to the ACV cafeterias and the local community. The farm will be integrated into school curriculum as well as extracurricular activities and will provide opportunities for the community and school to come together to create beneficial change.

Phase 1 of construction includes a living compass composed of raised garden beds and a rain garden, a wooded nature trail, and walking paths through the garden.

the steps

  • Build (4) 4’x8’ raised garden beds and (4) 4’x12’ raised garden beds
  • Build a rain garden
  • Create a living compass by arranging the raised beds as compass points and creating the focal point of the Phase 1 garden
  • Bring in gravel to construct paths through the garden
  • Encourage the community to be active
  • Promote health and nature

why we're doing it

A bright, beautiful space, growing and alive. Students and teachers explore each aspect of plant life, from germination to fruit, harvest, and even table. Community members stop by to lend a hand or pick up some fresh produce. The connection between the food we eat and where it comes from is rebuilt. Daily life is a little brighter, healthier, and more fun. This is the vision behind the AC Valley Community Farm.

Your contribution is valued and will help us to:

  • Convert an unused space into a community asset
  • Build partnerships between the school and other local organizations
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Engage with students and families outside of the traditional school setting
  • Supply healthy food to students and the community


  • 4 4’x8’ raised beds (concrete blocks) $400
  • 4 4’x12’ raised beds (concrete blocks) $600
  • Rain garden $50
  • Garden soil (tri-axle load of soil+compost mix) $330
  • Garden shed $1000
  • PVC pipe for hoops to protect beds $100
  • PVC pipe cutter $15
  • Pipe connectors $80
  • Plastic fencing $60
  • Netting clamps $175
  • Straw bales $105
  • Rain barrel $90
  • Tools (watering cans, hose, pruners, etc.) $200
  • Tomato cages $50
  • Garden cart $100
  • Starter plants $365

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.


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