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Ashbury and East 105th St.
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the project

Did you know that 66% of Cleveland residents are functionally illiterate. Functionally illiterate is when a person can’t read past a fourth grade level. So when it comes to reading restaurant menus, schedules or even job applications it becomes a struggle for our community members. What’s  even a more startling statistic is that 50% of African-American youth in fourth grade can not read above a fourth grade level. Unfortunately, as we know when a child can't read past the fourth grade that is a precursor to being impoverished, increased drop out rates and being more susceptible to committing crimes which can ultimately lead to incarceration.

Even though these unfortunate statistics exist they don’t have to and this is why our our organization ABC READ, INC has decided to be the change we want to see. We would like to continue what we started in 2014 which is to have our Read To Succeed summer reading program at the Gateway 105 Farmer’s Market.

We understood not only by data but also by our experiences and observations that our young people were not interested in reading a book because of a number of reasons but, there were 3 reasons that continuously were given. When I would ask young people why they were not interested in reading they would answer with, reading is boring, there aren’t books that have characters or topics that we can relate to and we don’t have any books at home.

So, of course we listened to our young people by providing a space where they can come and enjoy interactive read aloud, have fun and engaging projects that reinforce the story being read to them, provide our young people and their families with healthy snacks and finally they get to take a brand new or gently used book with them so they could begin to build their own home libraries. Another very important component to having our summer reading program at the farmer’s market is so our families in particular our youth can learn about entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency, and community building in their own backyards.



the steps

Promote our fun summer reading program to the neighborhood, schools, businesses by word of mouth, email, and social media

Purchase supplies, books, arts and crafts and snacks

Purchase and retrofit an energy efficient box truck/van

Add a megaphone and ABC reads branding to the exterior

Our intended start date is September 1st, 2018!

why we're doing it

One of the main reasons why we are addressing this need in our community is because we want the children and the adults in our community to love reading and become successful readers.  We believe we have identified some of the main reasons why our children and the adults are not reading or simply do not have a desire to read. As stated earlier we want our children to have books that have characters and stories that they can relate to, we want to make reading fun and engaging and we want our families to have books and healthy snacks in their hands. We believe that our Read to Succeed program can help to achieve these reading goals that  we have for our community.   Even though initially our focus was on just having children with books, we also believe that we have to provide parents with books as well because, one of the most crucial components and sometimes the most overlooked component as to why children are not reading is because they are not seeing the adults around them reading.   




5,000 for the RV Van

1,000 for books (on environmental science and climate action)

1,000 for supplies to transform the van into a reading nook
500.00 for a megaphone and speaker system
500.00 art stipend for local artist to decorate the exterior

Subtotal = 8,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $240
Total to raise = $8,275



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Project Deadline Countdown

Project Deadline:
August 5, 2018
Total Funding Needed: $8,275
$8,265 still needed
$10 raised so far


buys one book for a child
buys one book for the adult in the family
buys healthy snacks for 25 children for 1 Friday
buys art and school supplies for 10 children
buys 40 bags to put the books and other gifts in for 25 children

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