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the project

While the statue is being sculpted and cast into bronze over the course of 2017 and into early Winter of 2018, Phase 2 of the Johnny Cash Statue Project will focus on raising money for site preparation to give the statue a proper home.

the steps

Certain steps depend on the nature of the site location being used, but landscaping an appropriate size area in Cooper-Young could begin as early as January. Once the intitial area is mapped out, the space will contain three major components: (1) the statue (2) bricks with donors names (3) An aesthetic "feel" with possible lights and floral embellishment. 

why we're doing it

Every neighborhood has a hero. Legacy Memphis hopes to enliven and enrich Memphis neighborhoods by erecting monuments to the cities musicial story as embodied by the neighborhoods where these artistic figures emerged.


Disbursed Budget 9.25.18

Raised = $1,455.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $41.36

Total to Disburse = $1,378.64

This $1378.64 will purchase bricks for the installing of the Johnny Cash statue.

Original Budget

Once the property is selected, it will have to be landscaped with concrete (10K), in addition to a podium for the statue (5K), along with vegetation (3K), lighting (5K), and brick installation (2K).



ioby Platform Fee


Donation Processing Fee of 3% 






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  • J & M Reynolds
  • Chip Armstrong
  • Southern Dutchman
  • Michael Donaldson
  • Will & Stacey Armstrong
  • John Bass
  • Daniel and Katherine Riederer
  • Mark J.
  • Joel E Smith
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Mike McCarthy