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Danny G
681 Bowden Street
(Southside, Macon (Gateway Heights))
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the project

We will repurpose 12 blighted parcels to 5 acres of fresh farmland--the region's first “agrihood”. As the county’s newest neighborhood, it consist of a multi-leveled mixed-use structure overlooking the farm house, a farm to fork open air restaurant, community kitchen for lessons,  a fitness center, and at least 20 low income/affordable apartments and other retail spaces all walking distance of Downtown Macon. Totaling 13.17 acres and nestled in a revitalization project for South Macon, we are converting mostly vacant, lightly occupied and abandoned homes and unused land into a vibrant community centerpiece where food alternatives, neighborhood pride, and commerce is desperately needed.

the steps

Once our project is complete, Southside will be transformed into Gateway Heights, an urban agrihood with community farms occupying spaces once blighted with decay and abandoned properties. More young adult millennials and their families will be inspired to move into the area. Community programming in culinary and visual arts will be readily available. 

why we're doing it

Without a doubt, the greatest need for this community is the lack of access of healthy, plant-based food. As recent as 20 years ago, Southside was home to gardens and mini-farms, as well as multiple options to purchase fresh produce. Whether it was a grocery store or “Mr. Fruit Man” a roadside vendor, you knew where to find fresh produce. Unfortunately, those days are gone. The gardens have withered, the trucks no longer ride, and a community of elders are left in their final days remembering “what was.” Fortunately, Southside’s greatest gift is in its terrain: well tended land by residents of previous generations, who migrated to Macon from rural communities. Underneath the blight and overgrown brush occupying many vacated plots in the South, is well rested fertile soil ready to be developed into active farming and gardening space. We seek to make Southside the first “agrihood” in the region.


Disbursed budget (7.5.17):

RAISED = $3,693.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $106.54
Original phase 1 budget:

PHASE 1: The Garden @ 681 Bowden Street
Garden beds supplies: $4,500
Artistic Renderings: $3,500
Administration: $2,000
Concrete/rock supplies: $1,800
Land recovery and clearing: $1,500
Incidentals: $1,000
Plants, flowers, seeding: $700
Total: $15,000

SUBTOTAL = $15,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $450
TOTAL TO RAISE = $15,485
Phase 2: The Urban Farm
- Contract Agri-consultant $30,000
- Travel for networking $8,500
- Travel for education & training $13,500
- Purchase Farm Properties Public Funding (Land Bank Authority) $56,000
- Convert to Farm Land/grading $35,000
- Seeds for crops UGA Extension In-kind
- Mixed use structure $750,000
Total: $893,000

C: Block Upgrades
- Beautify Existing Properties (U.D.A. RLF) $70,000
- solar shingle roofs $400,000
- Add Rain Barrels $24,000
- Replace Existing Water Heaters (Lowes) $50,000
- Replace Existing Light Bulbs (Home Depot) $5,000
Total: $549,000

Phase 3: Block Upgrades
- Beautify Existing Properties (U.D.A. RLF) $70,000
- solar shingle roofs $400,000
- Add Rain Barrels $24,000
- Replace Existing Water Heaters (Lowes) $50,000
- Replace Existing Light Bulbs (Home Depot) $5,000
Total: $549,000




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