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Thank you! Your donation is tax deductible. If you havent already, please send your email or mailing address to us:

the project

Through our project children will learn to grow, cook, and eat healthy foods, with ingredients they may not have been previously exposed to. Research and model seed-to table programs such as Edible SchoolyardNYC shows that when kids receive hands-on cooking guidance and are encouraged to try new things, they will likely influence their peers, share these recipes at home, and ask their parent/guardian to purchase more veggies in general. This program will change family eating habits, and decrease the chance of illnesses caused by poor nutritional choices.

We will also raise the consciousness of local kids and families regarding their choice to eat locally sourced foods. They not only will support local farmers, but also will decrease the environmental impacts of eating out of season produce.  Children will become ‘nutrition ambassadors’ to their peers and families, and change family eating habits. The excess food raised by the children will be distributed at our local food pantry, and the recipes that they cook in garden kids cook workshops will be shared with the many visitors who frequent the garden during those hours.

We aim to model a participatory community food justice model to meet the food needs of our neighbors. We have many garden members and host thousands of visitors per year.  We hope our local community gardeners, guests. and program participants choose to ‘eat local’, grow more food, share with their neighbors, contribute cultural recipes, and bring our nutrition and food justice literature to their homes, gardens, schools, and organizations.


the steps

Dec 2: We will thank all the individual donors who contributed to making this program a reality, shop for program items and purchase.

Dec-Feb: Ask lead teammembers to outreach to their constituencies

Consult with key children/families for cultural recipe suggestions and things they would like to grow/learn/cook this year. Assemble & translate nutritional info. gather SNAP & Foodshare location info. Personalize program items: Jr Cook buttons, kids aprons, tipsheets and recipes/cookbooks

Feb-March: Make the necessary repairs to the kids area and stage for safety: Rebuild damaged stairs, install electricity to stage for outdoor ventilation fan, and install electricity needed for safety: repair to dimmers & fixtures, add shed lights and upgrade kids and public areas.

Outreach at library, local CBOs and partner schools for volunteers to plant the kid’s crops this year. Design flier for flagship cooking event. Compile release forms for all participants.

March/April: Begin our planting and harvest timelines, based on seasonal recipes parent input, including unique cultural herbs or plants. 

May-September: Cultivate & harvest crops. Deliver to food panrtry and use ingrediants in workshops. Publicize workshops utilizing website, calendar posting, listings from Parks Dept, local, and children’s media, local libraries, and at other youth & family events. Build future participant list of interested families, schools. Compile photos, nutritional info, and media. We will design and document responses from questionnaires regarding community impact/lessons learned.

October- KidsCook will harvest crops to be used for pot-luck dishes at HarvestFest, our annual FREE to the public community feast & party/funraiser. Prepare growing beds for winter & next season. Head Start classes plant bulbs around the children's play area. Print and distribute "Cook your Culture" recipe books. Assess lessons learned and plan for next season.

why we're doing it

In our community, the economic disparity in the way families shop for food is glaring. Food lines around our local park and at the food pantries have become increasingly long, and the food supplied is often short on nutrition; cans, bags, and boxed goods of starchy grains, cereals, white breads, and processed foods high in sodium, high-fructose corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated fats.  Our children suffer high asthma rates, World Trade Center health impacts, and have high rates of diabetes in their families.

Nutrition education is lacking, sometimes available only in English, and family eating habits are often high in sugars and starches.

On the other hand, there are amazing healthy cultural recipes that neighborhood families cook and would love to share with pride! We hope to encourage children and their families to participate in this program, by having them play an integral role in shaping its direction. Children will plant the crops that they will eat and share with the food pantry. They will ask their families to contribute their favorite healthy recipes, and will cook them with their peers in the kids cooking workshop.

Also, we aim to remove the stigma felt by children from low-income backgrounds whose families use foodstamps, by showing that: these can be used at local farmers markets; that many others in their community do need to source food from a pantry or free meal program; and we will provide the info about locations of these, and the children contribute the food they raise to such programs.

A food pantry line a few blocks away from our garden.

Delivering our fresh kid-grown produce to our local food pantry!

Feeding our community at our annual Harvest Fest in the garden! Each year, the free event feeds hundreds of our neighbors, and offers live music and raffle prizes from our local businesses! 




The garden is located on the west side of Avenue B between East 6th and East 5th Street, Manhattan 10009, across from the Earth School and PS 64
This the Season To Be Thankful!!! Help us feed neighbors in need all year long by donating to our project & we will stock the food pantry with fresh locally grown organic greens. GREAT FOR HOLIDAY MEALS TOO! You should see the joy and appreciation on the faces of folks picking up these veggies at the pantry! PRICELESS! Please contribute a few dollars :)
Today we delivered almost 10 lbs of fresh organic kid-grow in our garden collard greens to Trinity Church of The Lower East Side SAFH program (food for the homeless and food pantry).There up to 300 hot lunches are served 5 days a week, and 4 days a week approximately 50 individuals an families come for their monthly food pantry basket. This delivery was especially appreciated as so many people will now be cooking them up for their loved ones' Thanksgiving Holiday meals. (FYI We were the first fresh healthy veggies ever distributed by them!) We are so thankful for your support to this program and to our amazing community garden space which provides so many programs and sanctuary for our neighbors, and the general public.


RAISED = $200.00
less ioby Platform Fee = $0.00 (previously applied)
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) = $5.83
Anti-mosquito citronela grass plants and seeds - $100
Landscape cloth for weed library, etc. - $75
Potting soil - $19.17
RAISED = $4,025.00 
less ioby Platform Fee - $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) - $116.21
$537.50 Grow
$537.29  Cook
$922.00 Learn
$402.00 Eat/Share
$980.00 Safety/Repair
$495.00 Storage/Stipends/Misc
 = $3,873.79 

*Please contact Barbara for exhaustive list of updated expense items.


$559.50      GROW

$40.00         plant starts

$45.00         (3)native plant starts(pollinators)

$54.00         (3)hay bales

$40.00         Fertigator (3 gallon backpack foliar sprayer)

$17.50         Nutrients (organic fish & seaweed emulsion)

$30.00         Nutrients: calcium, NPK

$13.50         (3)Soil/compost- organic, 40lb bag

$24.00         74 cell seed starting flat (pack of 10)

$35.00         (3)Eco-coir seed starting mix-(Pathogen free )

$15.00         seeds

$30.00         compost sifter

$58.50         75' Remay - row cover & seedling protection

$56.00         (4)Kids Shovels

$8.00           (4)Small Trowels

$16.00         Standard Trowel

$34.00         Pruners

$45.00         (5)Kids Garden/ Work Gloves-set of 3


$632.15      COOK

$70.00         (7)LUNGS CSA Food Basket (Lower East Side Gardens CSA)

$100.00       Additional Cooking Ingredients: Greenmarket, etc

$75.00         Misc groceries & beverages

$9.00           (3)Cutting boards (plastic, color-coded, 3 for 2.99)

$27.00         cooking gloves (disposable kid & adult, 2packs ea)

$20.00         (4)Chef Aprons-adult

$28.00         (2)Kids aprons Sets (12/pack)

$6.00           (2)Storage containers set

$11.00         Ball jars (8 oz set of 12)

$30.00         Salad spinner

$42.00         (6)Bags of ice for cooking, harvest, and storage (large)

$49.15         12 qt induction stockpot

$95.00         Induction Hotplate (touch safe)

$89.00         Farberware 11 piece induction cooking set

$41.00         (4)Kids-safe knives


$922.00      LEARN

$200.00       Epson Video Projection Bulb

$150.00       Blackboard with stand/2 sides

$60.00         Dry erase board-large

$60.00         Printing 11x17 posters 400

$100.00       Printing (cook your culture recipes, tri-lingual nutritional info)

$15.00         (3)8 1/2x11 paper ream (2 color, 1 white)

$275.00       Printing recipe book-100 copies

$30.00         Color printing and laminating-kids scavenger hunt sheets

$20.00         Dry erase markers (2)thin + thick pack of 10)

$12.00         Colored chalk-large box


$426.00      EAT/SHARE

$88.00         (2)Serving bowls-(pack 500 biodegradeable)

$25.00         Squorks(spoon/forks)1,000 compostable cornstarch workshops & HarvestFest

$42.00         Paper towels (bulk) fold style

$80.00         Cups (1,000 compostable)

$90.00         (6) Large Water

$36.00         (2)Dr. Bronner's soap 32oz

$13.00         dish sponge (6 pack)

$24.00         dish drying rack

$5.00           dish scrubber

$10.00         (2)Eco sanitizer spray

$13.00         Dish towels(3-set)


$980.00      SAFETY/REPAIR

$200.00       Fan-outdoor ceiling ventilation

$75.00         Electric wiring & conduit

$250.00       (5)outdoor lighting fixture replacement

$100.00       fan installation labor

$100.00       lumber-stage stairs repair

$50.00         hardware to rebuild workshop area steps

$150.00       bamboo barrier for children's workshop area

$55.00         62quart cooler (food prep safety)


$495.00      STORAGE/STIPENDS/Misc

$150.00       Shelving unit for kids cook storage shed

$200.00       (2)stipends for guest chefs

$100.00       (4)stipends high school intern

$45.00         shipping for shelving unit


$4014.65 = SUBTOTAL    

$321.17        8% contingency (tax, delivery, misc)

$4335.82      Project total

Project SUBTOTAL = 4,335
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $130
TOTAL TO RAISE on ioby= $4,500




Thank you! Your donation is tax deductible. If you havent already, please send your email or mailing address to us:

Thank you! Your donation is tax deductible. If you havent already, please send your email or mailing address to us: 

Thank You All For Your Generous Support! Please Visit the Garden, and check our website for events or to make an additional donation : )

Thank You All For Your Generous Donation & Support helping is reach our goal! Please Visit the Garden, and check our website for events or to make an additional donation : )

We produce over 75 FREE-to-the-public events annually, including our exciting KidsCook Community Food Justice Program. We are completely volunteer run. Creating a save, vital, and beautiful space for the community and all our guests takes thousands of hours and dollars. Your support is helping fund part of our work for the 2017 season at the Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden. You can also use the garden link to make a secure PayPal donation (or other card donation) and to find out how you can volunteer your time, or become a FOH (Friend of the Garden) email us at

If you would like to rent the garden for a special event, visit our website for rules and How To or email us your request.If you have a group that would like to visit, lease let us know and a member will be there to greet you

You can also mail us an additional contribution at 6th Street and Avenue B Garden Inc

PO Box 20247 Tompkins Square Station

NY NY 10009-8971 USA

If you email your address we can send you a formal letter to use for a tax deduction

ALSO REMEMBER ioby (In our backyard Inc), and Partnership for Parks are also noy for profits who accept donations to support the good work of outher valuable community groups. Please think of them, and support their organizations if you can.

Happy New Year 2017!! We aim to make this a good year for all who visity our garden. Please help us prepare for the 2017 growing and events season. We have until January 15th to reach our final goal. Help us raise $500. in the next two weeks.

With your support we will be able to prepare for the 2017 season by making necessary repairs and purchase seed starting items for the greenhouse. We will be able to purchase all items in our budget for our Community Food Justce and other programming needs. We aim to produce 75 FREE to the public events. Help us by donating what you can to your special community spot, The Sixth Street & Avenue B Community Garden. Thank you!!

FINAL DAYS TO HELP!! Drive Ends Sunday the 18th. WE NEED YOU NOW more than ever! PLEASE donate! & Thanks to all who have supported our garden & #KidsCook so far!!

FINAL DAYS TO HELP!! Drive ends Sunday the 18th. We need you more than ever. Thanks to all who have supported our garden & #KidsCook so far!!

We are in the final days of our crowdfunding drive. Buy fundimng this project you will be a part of serving so many people that depend on our fresh food, our beautiful sanctuary space, our cooking & nutrition program, and all the many FREE-to-the public events we as volunteers produce each year!

TWEET, POST, CALL, or Email folks that you think would be interested in and able to help with a donation, small or large. ALL is appreciated!


Thank you ioby & Partnership For Parks for your matching funds! Thanks to everyone for your generous donations!

Thank you ioby & Partnership For Parks for your matching funds! Thanks to everyone for your generous donations!

We have 7 days left: Don't Stop Believing- Keep asking folks to help :)

Our crowdfunding ends on the day of our annual volunteer recognition/holiday celebration.

Please help us meet our targeted funding goal so we can announce to our volunteers/members that they will have the resources to support all their hard work and dedication to making the garden a safe, beautiful, and eventful place for the community!

Thanksgiving Food Delivery to the Food Pantry Today! Thanks for your support

Today we delivered almost 10 lbs of organic kid-grown-in-the-garden fresh collard greens to the Trinity Church of The Lower East Side's SAFH program .

Because of your support and the work of garden members and our community kids, 50 families will be able to get today's pantry which will include fresh greens at the food pantry for their ThanksGiving holiday meal, and some will be cooked for the free-hot lunch that serves up to 300 persons M-F.

Your donation helps us to continue to provide these healthy food donations to the food pantry, as well as supporting KidsCook, and other garden program's needs of The Sixth Street & Ave B Community Garden, a vital and beautiful community resource.

Happy Thanksgiving


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