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Jazz Passengers Music Projects, Inc. (JPMP), a 501c3 nonprofit inspired by the notable NYC downtown ensemble the Jazz Passengers, has been producing professional/student collaborative performances in New York City and internationally since 2008. We recruit participating students from diverse locations and backgrounds to create personal “story/song” texts and music born from their common experiences.

Our plans for 2020 were cut short by the global pandemic; however, our Artistic Director, Roy Nathanson, made musical lemonade out of Covid lemons when he stepped out onto his second-storey porch last March to serenade the neighborhood below with his saxophone (see NY Times). His musical adventures created a regular gathering of the community each day at 5 pm, and soon expanded organically into Thursday night concerts, neighborhood jam sessions and eventually a 10-week after-school music education experience for local students. The 5PM Porch program culminated in an August street concert of students and professional musicians documented in the film World of Fire.

Now we want to expand the music instruction and these organic musical gatherings into a Spring, then Fall, two-month weekend music and creative-writing camp for youth in the neighborhood of Kensington, Brooklyn. The program will feature a performance at Brooklyn's Avenue C Plaza, scheduled for the last weekend in June, and a second performance in Flatbush. With a focus on recruiting neighborhood youth, ages 10-18, and particularly from immigrant families, JPMP is partnering with the Kensington Cultural Council (KCC) and Arts & Democracy.

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the steps

The funds we raise will be used to underwrite expanded neighborhood teaching/performing programs in the Spring and Fall of 2021 for students and local career musicians in Kensington and Flatbush, Brooklyn. This current project will be critical in sustaining the momentum that began a year ago, teaching the next generation of music-makers, and building community engagement. With success, we hope to create a larger and more permanent, year-round Porch Program, including a permanent performance space.

Towards late May-early June we’ll begin a publicity drive aimed at our neighborhood audience for the June concerts. And in August and September, we’ll be circulating details about the Fall season of music and writing instruction.

why we're doing it

Our goal is to engage young people from neighborhoods that lack strong programs in music and creative writing as well as to grow a community among musicians, young people, families and neighbors-as-audiences. We envision place-based, decentralized access to original and inspirational music available to all. Last year’s 5PM Porch Concerts began this important work, and we found that many musicians who had previously not known each other made lasting career connections.

What was the spark that ignited us? Late in March 2020, in Covid-shuttered Brooklyn, saxophonist Roy Nathanson took a cue from Italians who sang to the world from their balconies: He marched out onto his own second-story Ditmas Park porch to play “Amazing Grace.” He committed to playing one healing song each day, at precisely 5pm. Roy’s musician neighbors heard the call and joined him on the Flatbush sidewalk to improvise and share the music together. After an impressive 82 consecutive days of 5PM Concerts with an expanding local audience, the musicians turned to creating a learning program for local youth, whose summer camp was cancelled and were unable to do much of anything during the lockdown.

JPMP believes that creating agency and empowering intergenerational constituencies are fundamental to liberating the human spirit. We offer tools for artistic expression that aim to improve self-esteem and mass mental health. We believe that language extends to multi-sensory dynamics, and that artistic endeavors inherently embody both teaching and learning as simultaneous experiences.

Young people and professional musicians suffered significant social and economic impact from Covid-19, and Roy Nathanson's 5PM Porch Concerts helped to heal the struggles that plague so many communities around the world. As we look ahead to brighter days, we seek to use what we learned in 2020 and continue empowering communities in a similar modality through word and song.



Disbursed Budget (7.20.21)


Poetry Instruction: 7 sessions with one teachers, $100 each = $700

Professional Artist Fees - Concert Performance:  8 musicians, $250 each = $2,000

Office Supplies: $12.59

TOTAL RAISED = $2,774.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $61.41



Original Budget:

Poetry Instruction: 7 sessions with two teachers, $100 each = $1,400

Music Instruction: 7 sessions with five teachers, $100 each = $3,500

Professional Artist Fees - Concert Performance:  8 musicians, $250 each = $2,000

T-shirts for students and professionals = $500

Video and Audio Documentation = $2,000

Food, incidentals = $600

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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