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The Water Cycle - original animation sample for our H2O ed program for schools!

the project

Lots of Fish - Art & Environmental Education 

50 Fish! kicks-off our pilot Runoff Art program in celebration of the 50th year of Earth Day. 

The Runoff Art program works with artists, educators, musicians, and scientists to engage students and the community in a multi-faceted stormwater Public Outreach & Education program to help reduce pollutants entering our waterways through stormwater runoff.

COVID-19 - Help us move our water education & musical performances ONLINE!

Our Online Classroom will feature a series of lessons on water science, coupled with interactive activities and performances!

  1. Lesson: Water & City Sewer Systems
  2. Lesson: Stormwater & Storm Drains
  3. Lesson: Water Cycle & Watersheds
  4. Lesson: Impervious Surfaces & Pollution
  5. Lesson: Environmental Ethics & Solutions
  6. Lesson: Art & Nature - drawing from nature
  7. Citizen Science activities - for students and families at home
  8. Art & Design activities: Students design artwork for storm drains, rain barrels, cross-street banners, and street painting. Students and community members will participate in the public installation of all artworks when social distancing measures allow.

See and Listen to the draft animation of The Rain Barrel Song by Frank Panzarella

We designed this pilot program as an adaptable and scalable model for communities in Connecticut and beyond. Runoff Art aligns with the EPA MS4 to help municipalities meet their permit requirements. We are working to incorporate QR and GIS technology for an innovative, user-friendly pedestrian experience!

Runoff Art inspires humans of all ages to care about their local waterways.

Runoff Art hosts a robust public education program and green jobs for youth. Both in-school and community based, Citizen Science activities support the health of our local waterways and marine habitats. The ultimate goal is to inspire and engage the rising generation to care about the water systems in their neighborhoods. In the process, they will become citizen scientists, local eco-warriors, street artists, and community-minded neighbors.

the steps

The program runs in two phases.

Phase 1:  April - July 15th, 2020 - Adapted to COVID-19 protocol, the education program will begin in New Haven schools. In July (TBD), we start painting rain barrels, traffic-calming street-art, cross-street banners, and up to 15 storm drains around schools.

Phase 2: July 16th - October 15th, 2020 - Fish art painting on 35 storm drains, and up to 20 rain barrels with youth & community groups.

The Phase 1 Pilot has six main components:

  1. (COVID-19 Adapted Online) Create animations, virtual educational presentations, and record musical performances.
  2. (COVID-19 Adapted Online) Conduct & distribute lessons and Citizen Science activities for New Haven teachers with students at home.  
  3. (COVID-19 Adapted Online) Conduct surveys and quizzes to quantify educational benefits and citizen response
  4. Create art with QR codes installed on and above streets,15 storm drains and up to 10 rain barrels.
  5. Develop a user-friendly GIS map of storm drains to host a variety of informative and interactive experiences.
  6. Conduct ongoing public outreach & education on Lots of Fish social media and website platforms. 

Lots of Fish original animations for H2O Education. Watch a sample animation HERE.

Original animation for our online classroom.


We are seeking matching funds for Phase 1




why we're doing it

About Lots of Fish

Lots of Fish (LOF) is an Art & Environmental Education project based in New Haven, CT. Initiated in 2018, LOF is the brainchild of artist and environmental advocate JoAnn Moran. Through her dedicated effort, LOF has been engaging and exposing city youth and community members through a series of environmental art and impact projects, events, presentations, and public awareness campaigns. Lots of Fish hosts school-year and summer youth employment programs to create Artful projects that reduce pollution.

50 Fish on 50 Storm Drains!

A large amount of pollution in rivers, and streams comes from oil residue, fertilizers, and litter carried by stormwater runoff into our storm drains. Studies show that storm drain art works to raise citizen awareness of storm drain connections to local waterways. Lots of Fish Runoff Art program aims to educate local communities about stormwater runoff and ways they can help mitigate pollution! 

Artists, Youth, Community Groups create the artworks for storm drains and rain barrels! 

  • Artists submit designs online for review and selection
  • Youth assistants will be provided to artists for production during summer youth employment.  
  • Youth engagement - Summer Youth Employment and School Participation involve youth during:
    • The school year in coordination with Science and Art teachers
    • Summer Youth Employment and Summer Camps
  • Community Groups - generate designs together or select archived student designs to paint on storm drain e.g. community garden locations.     

Lots of Fish - Art & Environmental Education  - 50 Fish for #EarthDay50

Artist always Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Disbursed Budget:

ARTIST - PUBLIC ART Storm Drains $4,480.00

School & Summer Youth Employment Youth- Eviro Ed- & storm drains $1,820.00

RAIN BARREL workshops  $3,750.00

Community Workshop SITE  $3,800.00

Environmental Education Programing $2,900.00

GIS Development for Public Engagement $5,375.00

Outreach & Promotion & Documentation $6,036.61

Insurance $800.00

27 Misc, and unforeseen expenses $236.00 $236.61

TOTAL RAISED = $28,626.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $429.39


Original Budget:


  • ARTIST - PUBLIC ART 8 Storm Drain Art installations        Local Artist fees 4 @ $1,000.00 =  $4,000.00
  • School & Summer Youth Employment -   17 Storm Drain Art Installations   $1,820.00
  • Educators  $800.00

RAIN BARREL - Art of Catching Rain

  • 6 Artist workshops $250 ea
  • rain barrels
  •  supplies
  • installation
  • of up to 20 Rain Barrels in public spaces    $3,250.00

Community Workshop Space

  • Artist Intern & Shop Supervisor    $2,000.00
  • Student and LOF Crew T-shirts   $300.00

School & Youth Environmental Education Programing

  • Educators and Scientists to assist with program e.g. presentation content,  lesson plans  $3,300.00
  • COVID Adaptation - Presentations, Citizen Science Activities Water - Where pollution comes from and where does it go? Why Should I care? $1600
  • COVID Adaptation Musical Performances - original music by local artists recorded and presented online. Musicians $600.00

GIS Development for Public Engagement 

  • GIS developers    $2,400.00
  • Data collection      $600.00
  • QR code outdoor medallions for drains/ barrels   $875.00
  • QR installations  (up to 50)   $1,075.00

Outreach & Promotion & Documentation

  • Photographer, Photo & Video Editing
  •  Postcards & hand-outs  
  • Social Media Person    3 months $2,400.00

Insurance $800.00

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $29,985


The Water Cycle - original animation sample for our H2O ed program for schools!

The Water Cycle #1 Youtube Video 

Animations translate complex concepts into easy to understand, engaging visuals that are retained in memory for longer duration compared to oral memorizing. Animated educational videos help take the boredom away from learning water science. This is a sample of the animations being made by TEAM FISH as part of our Water Education program for schoos and students at home.  

The Water Cycle - series animation #1



Check out a sample of our original animations! The Rain Barrel Song

 Youtube video Part of our H2O Ed. program for schools.

50 Fish! - COVID Adapted

New Haven teachers will be testing sections of our 50 Fish! Online Classroom this week! 

We have posted some H2O education games and links to other fun activities. 

Our series of Meet a Scientist through the Skype a Scientist project will have our first test "meet" in May! 

Visit for more information and updates!

50 fish! Online Classroom - COVID-19 adapted


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