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OUR MISSION:  To create a beautifully serene and distinctive community garden that will provide various community events, educational resources of gardening for a healthier lifestyle, stress reduction through mindfulness, healthy cardio strength programming with trail hikes, and mentorship programs for youth.  

The location of the 5 PM Group Community Garden is being secured. The project was collectively created by the 5 Points Merchants  Group (5 PM Group) of the business district in Observatory Hill. 

We are raising funds to make the commitment so that implementation will happen immediately when the funds and the location come together. Right now our donations are doubled, giving us the opportunity to raise just $5k for a $10k result to secure this garden! 

A community garden will provide accessible gardening opportunities for local businesses and residents of Observatory Hill. But the garden will also offer other unique opportunities.  It will feature a labyrinth, a children's gardening section, walking trails, and seating for those who may only want to relax and enjoy the garden's serenity.  

Unfortunately, earlier this year as we started to implement our plan to begin the work on the space, the pandemic COVID-19 shut our world down.  Life became different for us all and we had to adjust to a "new normal."   The COVID-19 pandemic forced mandatory "stay-at-home" orders with many living in total isolation and becoming prisoners inside our homes.  Our businesses shut down, schools closed,  and unemployment at an all-time high.  Sadly, the virus has taken many lives with more deaths expected.  We learned the most vulnerable to COVID-19 is our elderly population and those with underlying health issues like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, are more at risk of succumbing to the virus.  COVID-19 has also proven its ability to attack our healthier population as well, through depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.  We are dealing with the loss of our jobs, finances, our children's education and not having outside contact with our loved ones and friends.  COVID-19 has created a sense of hopelessness and fear globally.

5 PM Group met through virtual meetings discussing this virus and its impact on talking out our own fears.  Since we know the fear COVID-19 has caused throughout the world, people have now begun to experience anxiety and panic attacks.  We came up with the idea of adding a mindfulness aspect to the community garden.  We've researched articles on clinical studies on Mindfulness and results have shown; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction appears to be an effective tool to reduce anxiety in patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Patients who learned Mindfulness Meditation had less stress reactivity and were more resilient.  Also, some research suggests that practicing meditation may reduce blood pressure, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, and depression, and insomnia  By adding the element of Mindfulness in the garden, people will be introduced to the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and how to cope with stress, anxiety and panic attacks.  The community garden will also become the resource center providing educational classes in combating diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease with classes in growing vegetables, cooking healthier. physical activity with trail hikes. We want the garden to be the stepping stone of providing change for at-risk populations of the COVID-19 virus. 

We can accomplish this with the assistance of our local business owners, residents, volunteers, stakeholders, and partnering organizations. CDC guidelines for social distancing and masks will be followed.


the steps

Fall 2020 our 5PM Group and community volunteers will: 

  • Installation and fabric lining of 15 garden boxes
  • Construction of the labyrinth
  • Purchase and installation of the storage shed
  • Purchase mulch, compost, soil
  • Purchase and installation of signage to bring awareness to the garden

why we're doing it

We are building the 5 PM Group Community Garden to unify and cultivate new relationships with local businesses, residents, and the youth of Observatory Hill and neighboring communities. Current health data shows the surge of diabetes, obesity, and depression among all age groups of those who would be most at-risk for COVID-19.   

The garden becomes a local source of fresh vegetables and fruits for residents who don't have access to transportation to get to a store or they may not have the finances to purchase the rising cost fresh produce.  Developing stewardship/mentoring programs provides an opportunity for us to reach out and encourage youth involvement.  The garden will also host numerous events, including small music concerts, family walk-in theater nights, and much more.

OUR MISSION:  To create a beautifully serene and distinctive community garden that will provide various community events, educational resources of gardening for a healthier lifestyle, stress reduction through mindfulness, healthy cardio strength programming with trail hikes, and mentorship programs for youth.  




15 Raised Garden Beds - $3,000

Soil, Mulch and Compose - $1,500

Fruit trees, fruit bushes, and Various Vegetables - $500

Fencing -  $500.

Solar Lighting - $500.

1 Storage Shed - $2,000

5 Benches - $750

Garden Tools - $750

Signage - $500


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TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,076
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Thank you to our Stakeholders

Special Thanks to the Stakeholders:

  • Pipitone Group
  • Clark & Associates Inc
  • DSMI Group
  • Howard Hanna (M. Musico)



The 5 Points Merchants Group Community Garden - Update

We are still a little over $8,000 away from reaching our goal of $10,000.  Your support whether it's a small donation of $5.00 or volunteering your time, will be greatly appreciated.  Our garden project was the first to receive the COVID-19 match, it's our way of fighting this pandemic for those who are at we are asking for your donation and support to this cause.



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