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Fulton St and Stuyvessant
Brooklyn (Bed Stuy, Brooklyn)
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the project

The project involves the facilitation of a 5-cent recyclable recycling campaign in Brooklyn, New York. The environmental aspect of the campaign is to teach people about the eco-friendliness of recycling and the monetary aspect of it is with helping people increase their economic leveraging from recycling.

the steps

This step will involve Sac holdings Inc. collecting 5 cent recyclables from the general public. We are asking residents, small businesses, and non-profits to donate 1 to 5 recyclables to the campaign to develop a walk-in redemption center.

In return, Sac Holdings Inc.'s CEO will provide them with additional wealth connection resources for further economic leveraging. In particular, we will offer wealth connection resources to help members of the community build out their wealth over time through investment portfolio and "tippy toe" wealth development.

The second phase, in December 2013, will be to establish a redemption center operation to service a walk-in client base to redeem their 5 cent recyclables. 

The final phase will be to establish multiple redemption center operations to further increase the economic leveraging of working-class people.

Currently, recycling campaign collections are Monday thru Friday for 6:00 to 9:00 pm and Saturday's for 12 noon to 10:00 pm. Operations are closed on Sundays.   

why we're doing it

The project is being facilitated from the belief that anyone can exercise financial sustainability through any economic climate. The mission is to increase the economic leveraging of working-class people through the process of 5 cent recycling. The vision is to change the recycling landscape through redemption center development and accessibility. The concept was born from Jacob Smith's (CEO) unshakeable observation regarding people's financial infrastructure crumbling around them with the with the disbelief to ever recover.   


Solid Waste Certification (in order to collect solid waste) = $5,000
Public transportation costs incurred while collecting recyclables across NYC = $1,000 

Fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $300
third party credit card processing (3%) = $180
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $6,515


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