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the project

The Ray of Hope 4th Annual Soup-A-Thon: Soup Tasting Contest is our organization's annual fundraising event. Contestants will prepare homemade, healthy soup dishes for the contest while audience members' votes will determine the top three finalists. A panel of judges will then rank the top (3) three soup dishes, and finalists will receive “Taster Choice Awards!”

As a thank you, each contestant will be recognized for their participation in the soup contest and given a gift card, and a nutritious lunch will be served. Everyone will have the opportunity to sample the contestant's healthy, homemade soups.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to purchase items for Ray of Hope's annual *Christmas Gift Bags of Hope* project. The gift bags will be distributed to recently bereaved women and grief-stricken children residing in the city of Niagara Falls. Warm throws, an inspirational coffee mug, tea, and healthy food snacks are among some of the items that will be included in each gift bag.

the steps

  1. The Following Volunteer Committees (with Coordinators) will be established prior to our event: Program, Contestant, Decorations, Food Preparation & Serving, Door Prizes, Publicity, Judges (Selecting), Ticket /Sales: Collect & Report, Hostesses (at door & assist audience), Clean Up
  2. Volunteers will help set up on the evening of Friday, Oct. 25th.
  3. The event will take place on Sat. Oct. 26, 2019!

why we're doing it

The *Ray of Hope* charitable Christian organization's mission is to help low-income widowed and divorced women and their children achieve wholeness and well-being after a traumatic loss. We are a group of committed individuals working in collaboration with community partners to create a culture of emotional, physical, and mental health within our neighborhoods. Ray of Hope programs are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for grief-stricken women as they navigate through their journey of grief and loss. Your generous donation will help to provide comfort and hope to grief-stricken residents within the Niagara Falls community.


Disbursed Budget:

Venue Rental $ 250.00
Decorations $50.00
Food Items $305.98
Promotions/Advertising $40.00
Printing & Postage (personal donation)
Prizes for Contestants $100.00
Paper Products/Utensils $40.00
Sound person (microphone & music) $25.00 (gift card)
Door Prizes (will ask team members to donate)
Tickets $95.00 (to be donated to those in need - 4 adults & 5 children = 9)

TOTAL RAISED = $934.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $28.02

Original Budget:

Budget for 4th Soup Tasting Contest:

Venue Rental $ 250.00
Decorations $200.00
Food Items $800.00 (see below)
Promotions/Advertising $300.00
Printing & Postage $120.00
Prizes for Contestants $350.00
Paper Products/Utensils $250.00
Sound person (microphone & music) $100.00
Door Prizes $ 150.00
Tickets (20 tickets to be donated) $300.00

*Food Items* - *Contestants are only required to make one pot of soup for
judges & audience tasting. Ray of Hope will provide a variety of 4 kettles
of soup for everyone to have ample serving. Our menu consists of a variety
of healthy soups & salads, assorted sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips, granola
bars, water. In addition to the soup ingredients and other items listed
above, we need to purchase, salt/pepper, salad dressings, ice. Gloves for
servers and cleaning supplies also needed.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $88


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