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WHAT: Sonia Plumb Dance Company in partnership with FootLights Performing Arts and Education is providing 23 scholarships to disadvantaged Hartford students ages 5 through 18 to train at The School of Sonia Plumb Dance.  Classes include Modern,  Ballet, Creative, Repertory, Foundations for Boys Only, and electives such as hip-hop fusion, Floorbarre/conditioning and Step and Drill. Each session culminates in a formal performance for the community.

WHY:  A formal dance training program is the basis for a successful career in dance. Students must begin training at an early age to be competative. Classes are costly. Equally as important, dance provides physical and mental well being by providing structure, discipline, a sense of community and an outlet for creativity. Dive into Dance at The Sonia Plumb Dance Company is Hartford's only modern dance training program.

WHEN: Summer Session Classes begin July 6 and run through August 7 culminating in a final performance for the community. The fall session runs for 15 weeks beginning in September. Winter Session begins in January. 

COVID19: The School of Sonia Plumb Dance is following the guidelines of State and City health organizations. Young dancers will be six feest apart. Students will be asked to stay at home if they have a fever or a cough. A quick read thermometer will be on site. Multi-use surfaces such as ballet barres will be wiped down in between classes. This summer, dance classes will take place outside to ensure fresh air and sunshine. Parents will be asked to remain at a safe distance outside of the classroom until classes are dismissed.

the steps

Month of June: Recruitment and Auditions Students get to try out classes, see what level they belong in, sign up for a commitment! On-line classes and programming are available for trail. 

Week of July 6: Classes Start! 3-5 classes PER WEEK! 

July: Evaluations and Feedback! We want to give them feedback on how they are doing! Motivation time!

August: Performances! What a great way to end the first session. They get to show their friends and family what they have learned! You, the community, are invited, too!!!

September: Fall session begins repeat as above and move up a level!




why we're doing it

Dance makes people happy, healthy and fit. Pre-professional dancers must take 3-10 classes per week depending on their age! Training in dance, as in any art costs money and takes time. For those who pay, classes cost on average of $7,500 per year. 

It has been demonstrated and continues to be demonstrated that minority students, especially those living in Hartford’s urban neighborhoods cannot afford to experience high quality dance training programs. 

Race, Place and Income

Because this disparity continues, Sonia Plumb Dance is providing 23 scholarships for Hartford Students to participate in Dive Into Dance classes. These dance classes will literally give our disadvantaged youth a leg up to pursue a career in dance AND become role models for their community.  

Dance classes provide physical and mental well being, community and creative outlets. Data has shown that students taking dance classes are more physically fit, creativetly heatlhy, form long lasting bonds with their peers and teachers giving a greater sense of community and accomplishment, provide structure and discipline and those benefits last a life time.

"We want the children and families in Hartford to have as much of an opportunity to not only enjoy dance, but to become professionals if they choose. as their peers in the suburbs. I have seen hard working, talented young people thrive in our dance programs, following a passion they had but did not know how to pursue. This initiative will give even more students an opportunity to excel and become role models in their own community, in their own backyard." - Sonia Plumb, Artistic Director, Sonia Plumb Dance.

"Sonia is truly dedicated to social justice and keeping the arts thriving in the Greater Hartford community and beyond. She is one of the first non-profits in CT to not only train the dancers but also pay a stipend. She does everything within her power to create the opportunities for the underserved arts community in spite of all the set-back and challenges she faces daily.  I take pride in being associated with this amazing non-profit to serve the local creative community." - Prati Kaufman, Board of Directors


Disbursed Budget:


Lead Instructors $45/class x 5 days/wk x 36 weeks x 3 instructors $24,300.00 $1,500.00   2279.75

TOTAL RAISED = $2,350.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $35.25

Original Budget:

3 Lead Instructors @ $45/class, 5 days/week, 36 weeks: $16,900

3 Assistant Instructors @ $20/class, 5 days/week, 36 weeks: $5,800

18 Bi-weekly Meetings/Traininig Sessions for instructors: $1,620

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $371
TOTAL TO RAISE = $24,726

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.


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