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31% of the Goal on January 14th! Let's Roll to 100%!

the project

This campaign is critical to carry the Do-It-Yourself repair hours into 2020, and we are looking to expand that concept to the new BiCi Co. location in West Hartford.  Your contribution will also fund a new school-based Earn-a-Bike project and a "Light the Night" safety campaign.  We can't do it without your help!

BiCi Co. is a terrific project at the Center for Latino Progress.  We are raising funds with this campaign to carry our Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair (and learning hours).  These DIY hours are critically important in our community for residents from Hartford and the metro region to maintain and accessorize their bicycle on a budget.  Aside from fixing their own bicycles the DIY hours are critical for volunteers that attend to tune up bicycles for the annual youth BIKELIFE and Bikes for Jobs programs.  With a staff member (or two) with master mechanic bicycle skills and several handy volunteers, we can up-cycle a whole lot of bicycles and get them under riders in the Hartford metro area.  

Teens attend during DIY hours, and this campaign includes twenty sponsored teen one-year memberships for young people who complete the Earn-a-Bike program.  These young people ride for both fun and transportation, and while in the shop they are building hand-on skills while also making social connections with volunteers and visitors from across the region that wouldn't happen outside the shop. Several teens have followed this path to become staff mechanics at BiCi Co.  The DIY hours support tuning up bicycles for the April BIKELIFE event where teens from across the city take bike safety courses and take home a tuned up used bicycle, lock, light, and helmets.  It takes a lot of volunteer hours to tune up 80 bicycles over the winter for this Spring Break week each year.

Volunteers tuning up adult bicycles at BiCi Co. for those that referred to the Bikes for Jobs program, connecting low-income adults to bicycles that connect them to interviews, workforce training programs, jobs, medical appointments, shopping, and more.  An upcycled bicycle converts a 1-mile walking job search radius to a 5-mile riding radius covering 25 times more area!  BiCi Co. would like to carry Do-It-Yourself hours forward into 2020 and test run DIY hours at the new BiCi Co. West location at our new shop that's currently under construction.  This project will also support Light the Night bike lights and a new 2020 offsite Earn-a-Bike Program at Hartford's Kinsella school.

CUSTOM DONATION LEVELS - Choose a donation level that works for your budget.  If you don't see a suggested donation level that works for you, set a unique value that you choose.  A few additional suggestions below:

  • $1,000 - BiCi Co. Lifetime Membership and access to Do-It-Yourself Hours.  This donation level includes a BiCi Co. t-shirt.
  • $5,000 - BiCi Co. Founders Circle for the BiCi Co. West location in West Hartford's Elmwoord neighborhood.  This donation level will put your name (or a name you want to honor) on the Founders Circle plaque at the new shop location.  This donation level includes a BiCi Co. t-shirt.
  • $Custom - Or select a donation level that makes you happy!  Thank you for moving our bicycle and community mission forward.

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the steps

  1. Purchase a trailer with the matched funds to support the new after school Earn-a-Bike project at Kinsella School in Hartford.
  2. Schedule 2020 Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair hours at the 97 Park Street BiCi Co. location. 
  3. Purchase tools, storage, and racks for the BiCi Co. West shop, to support Do-It-Yourself hours and BiCi Co. West shop operations and programming. Choose a time and day of the week for pilot Do-It-Yourself hours at 616 New Park Avenue in West Hartford's Elmwood neighborhood.
  4. Organize volunteers to assist with bicycle tune ups for the 2020 April BIKELIFE event and the Bikes for Jobs referrals.
  5. Purchase bicycle lights for the BiCi Co. 2020 Light the Night project to get bike lights on as many commuter bikes and youth bikes as possible in the Metro Hartford region.

why we're doing it

Bicycle commuting is a critically important part of our city's transportation system.  Over 30% of Hartford's households don't have a car and the median household income of $33,000 means that many families are operating on a shoestring budget for transporation.  Beyond the equity benefits of BiCi Co's Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair hours and related projects, bicycle commuting must grow as a percentage of transportation trips if Hartford is going to help the state meet our important greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.  The largest contributor to Connecicut's greenhouse gas emissions is the transportation sector at 38% of the total.

The 'Light the Night' component of this crowdfunding campaign is all about bicycle commuter visibility and safety.  Even more important than a bicycle helmet (which can be obtained for free at BiCi Co.) is avoiding crashes in the first place.  Bicycle lights are hugely important during the short days of winter and for 2nd and 3rd shift employees that are out on bicycles in the dark.  Children riding their bikes to school in the dark shouldn't be invisible.  Light the Night will make sure that many, many more bicycle riders have lights on their bicycles in 2020.  

BiCi Co. Group Ride Selfie on Bike to Work Day


Instructional Materials = $300

Consumable Supplies = $4,000 for rags, lubricant, cleaners, bicycle reflectors, and bicycle lights.  Getting more lights onto bikes is important for BiCi Co's goal to increase safety for bike riders in Hartford, West Hartford, and the larger region.

Equipment and Tools Maintenance = $500 for tool replacement and repair throughout 2020

Participant Support = $2,000 for twenty teen Do-It-Yourself BiCi Co. sponsored annual memberships (for teens that complete the Earn-a-Bike course)

Other Program Expenses = $13,008 for an Earn-a-Bike trailer, shop tools and tool storage racks, rolling tool chests, DIY hours advertisement, and member / volunteer BiCi Co. t-shirts

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $302
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,145


31% of the Goal on January 14th! Let's Roll to 100%!

31 percent of the goal on January 14th

We're gearing up for two spring Earn-a-Bike sessions this year, one at the shop and the second new program at Kinsella Elementary.  This fundraiser supports the supplies and a trailer that we need for the Kinsella after school Earn-a-Bike program.  Spread the word and thanks for your support!

Registration is open for the 2020 in-shop Earn-a-Bike that starts in February.  Here's the Registration Link

We've made it to 18% on Dec 30th

Friends and Supporters - Thanks for moving this campaign to 18% of the funding goal.  Please share this campaign with friends and other bicycle lovers to help get us to the campaign goal.

Hey hey! Gannon Long was on Bicycle Talk with Ron Manizza in December. Check out the podcast.  Beyond the shop, the Center's BiCi Co. and Transport Hartford programs are making sure that our cities and towns have a plan for safe and connected bike routes along with safe crosswalks and improved bus transit.

Thank you for believing in BiCi Co.

This crowdfunding campaign is off to a fantastic start!  Just two days in and supporters have pedaled us to 14% of the goal.  

For those that haven't yet chipped in, consider a BiCi Co. membership or donation as a holiday gift to your bike loving family member or friend. BiCi Co. will put the donation to important use in the new year.  Thank you for believing in BiCi Co. and the strength of our community, staff, and volunteers to change the world.


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