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Thank you for helping us reach 80%. We are almost there!

the project

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” -Cicero

We believe Clevelander's deserve a healthier, more resilient food system now and for generations to come. Accessing fresh produce can be challenging for many Ohio families, particularly those living in low-income neighborhoods and rural areas. Across the country,  communities have found a new way for continuing the age-old tradition of seed saving and sharing - Seed Libraries.

The Cleveland Seed Bank “Seed Libraries” allow residents to “check out” a selection of 24 organic, open-pollinated vegetable, herb and edible flower seeds. These varieties are made freely available to our community at each of our Seed Libraries. We are currently partnered with 4 public library systems to support 10 Seed Libraries, spanning Cuyahoga, Lorain and Lake County.

With your support, we can further our reach in the community. Our goal for 2019 is to maintain 10 Seed Libraries within the region. Whether it’s for the planet or for our community, this is your opportunity to get involved with community building and healthier living. Join us as we make seeds available to libraries across the Cleveland area!

the steps

  • September 22 - December 31, 2018: Accept application submissions from potential Seed Library partners.
  • January 1 – March 19, 2019: Order, package, and label all 480 seed packets per Seed Library, promote Seed Library with press release, review and finalize Seed Library partner selection.
  • March 20, 2019 – Opening Day for Seed Library! First day of spring.
  • March 20 – September 22, 2019: Maintain ongoing communication with Librarian, promote 
the Seed Library on social media, host educational Seed Saving Workshop.
  • September 22, 2019 – Closing day for Seed Library. First day of fall.
  • September 23, 2019 – Organize remaining seed packets, and plan and promote annual winter Seed Swaps for all our Seed Library participants.

why we're doing it

Seed Libraries are an investment in our future!

The reasons we are passionate about getting seeds in the hands of our community members are numerous. Consider these facts:

  • In the last century or so, the world has lost 75% of its edible plant varieties. That might be hard to perceive when many of us have enough food on our plates, and yet this loss in biodiversity threatens our food and nutrition security. 

  • One in five Ohioans is food insecure, meaning they do not know from where their next meal will come and lack access to enough food for an active healthy lifestyle, as measured by the United States Department of Agriculture. Seed libraries offer opportunities to access healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. 

  • Increasing self-reliance, feeling a connection to the land, and experiencing bounty are all reasons to celebrate seeds. One seed can yield tens of thousands of seeds and Seed Libraries can foster a greater appreciation of the resilience of nature.

We believe that strengthening knowledge of local food systems and cultivating the skills required for sustainable food production helps to strengthen our community environmentally, economically, and socially.


Disbursed Budget 8.21.18

Raised = $10,395.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $301.75
Total to Disburse = $10,058.25

Original Budget

The cost to maintain each Seed Library from the first day of spring to the first day of fall is $1,000. This includes the Seed Library box, Seeds, Seed Packing & Labeling, and more. Please see below for the breakdown of project costs.  

Custom Seed Library Boxes, Seeds & Seed Envelopes, Educational Workshop Supplies, Promotional Materials, and Mileage for Seed Library Deliveries

PROJECT TIME ($500): Seed Packing & Labeling by Recovery Resources, Educational Coordinator to host Seed Saving Workshop, Program Coordinator to manage Seed Libraries

Subtotal = 10,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $300
Total to raise = $10,335



Thank you for helping us reach 80%. We are almost there!

We couldn't be more grateful for the community support to help us reach our target. We are almost there! Thank you to all of our donors who have taken action towards creating a healthier, more resilient food system in Cleveland and belief in the power of building community and healthier living!

We've been matched by CCAF!

We are thrilled to be selected as one of the projects awarded matching funds by the Cleveland Climate Action Fund for our campaign. Their commitment of $2,000 for the 2019 Seed Library Program will display on August 5th and goes toward planting seeds of health and empowerment in our community. Thanks, Cleveland Climate Action Fund!

34% to our fundraising goal!

Thank you shout-out to everyone who has donated to the Seed Library Program for 2019. You have become a change-maker in our community to provide Cleveland with a healthier, more resilient food system now and for generations to come. We couldn't be more grateful for the support!


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