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the project

Morrisania Band Project will create and produce the 2018 Unity Park Concert Series, a five-concert series in Unity Park. Our goals are to foster higher community engagement and strengthen the arts culture in Morrisania by hosting free public concerts in an underutilized city-park. 

We will recruit local musicians/bands from various genres and collaborate with community leaders and local businesses geared towards empowering the Morrisania community. The concert series would run from June through August at Unity Park.

We’ve hosted multiple concerts in Unity Park throughout 2017, and would like to develop an annual tradition in a South Bronx neighborhood once known for its prolific musical background. 

The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by goods or services received. Please contact your financial advisor with questions regarding your donation.

the steps

The 2018 Unity Park Concert Series will be held at Unity Park on June 30th,  July 14th, August 11th, September 8th, and September 29th. . We plan to recruit and feature 4-5 live musicians/bands to perform.

By June 1st, we’ll have parks/sound permits, and signed contracts from scheduled musicians/bands. Marketing and promotion will include flyers, press releases, and social media beginning June 4th and throughout the summer. We would seek to collaborate with community leaders, agencies, and local vendors. City Parks Foundation and Bronx Council on the Arts are a few of our confirmed sponsors.

A generator and backline will be produced for each event, as well as a sound technician and videographer.   

why we're doing it

Founded in 2016, Morrisania Band Project’s mission is to add vibrancy to our neighborhood through music, social initiatives and community engagement. We’re based in Morrisania, in one of the country’s poorest districts, where 63% of children are born into poverty (2010 U.S. Census). Public arts projects enable civic-minded musicians to engage their community and use their talents to contribute towards neighborhood vitality.  


Disbursed Budget (6.5.18)

Raised = $8,200.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $237.82
Total to Disburse = $7,927.18

Original Budget

$125 - Special parks events permits ($25/event x 5)

$225 - Sound permits ($45/event x 5)

$3,750 - Band stipend ($750/event x 5)

$750 - Emcee/host ($150/event x 5)

$750 - Sound technician ($150/event x 5)

$250 - Equipment transportation ($50/event x 5)

$375 - Generator rental ($75/event x 5)

$500 - Marketing/promotion ($100/event x 5)

$1,000 - Videographer/editing

$175 - Banner

Subtotal = $7,900
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $237
Total to raise = $8,172


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