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6/8/ Update

the project

It has been a long-standing tradition in the Midtown area of Omaha to have a July 5th fireworks show as part of the annual Independence Day celebration activities. This event, held at the Field Club of Omaha, has been enjoyed by numerous neighborhoods in the Midtown area, and has helped showcase our community to visitors from all over the Omaha metro, and families in from out-of-state.

This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from members of our community, local businesses, and community organizations that are part of Midtown. Several years ago, a number of our funding sources reduced or eliminated their funding of the event, leaving the neighborhoods on the hook to come up with the ~$7,000-8,000 necessary to put the event going forward. We missed a year, but have been successful on getting this fantastic event back on the calendar the past two years, but only through the generosity of donors like you. We are fundraising to cover the costs for fireworks show itself (the costs from the pyrotechnic company, which also includes permits and insurance for the event), which is the majority of the expense (Field Club of Omaha does provide the location, security and cleanup at no cost to us).  We started with $2,500 in remaining funds raised in 2017 and are now working on the balance and have a long way to go.  

We hope that you will be able to join us in funding this showcase Midtown event this year!!


the steps

  1. Confirm location and date with Field club of Omaha - Completed 5/22/18
  2. Confirm date with pyrotechnics vendor - Completed 6/4/18
  3. Vendor provides insurance - received 6/5/18
  4. Vendor gets fire permits
  5. Return contract to vendor
  6. Field Club of Omaha to close Woolworth Ave
  7. Field Club of Omaha provides event security
  8. FCHL prints sponsor banner for July 4th parade and July 5th Fireworks show
  9. Rain date of July 6th


why we're doing it

We believe in the tight community that Midtown Omaha has to offer, and we want to proudly dispaly that to the rest of Omaha and visitors to Omaha as part of celebrating America's Independence.  The small-town charm and front-porch feel of the neighborhoods is something we continue to foster, both through encouraging others to consider Midtown when choosing where to live and through demonstrating to the city, businesses, and investors that this is vibrant, actively growing part of the city that is worth continued investement in.


Minimum cost to put on the show is $5,000, which covers:

  • cost of the fireworks
  • cost of the licensed pyrotechnicians
  • insurance
  • permits
  • sponsor banner for the July 4th Field Club parade

SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $250
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150


RAISED = $3,870.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $177.55
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $106.53

1. Fireworks show itself. This is through a professional pyrotechnics company, and they charge us $7,000 for the event. This includes all of the insurance and permits necessary from the city
2. Securing location. The Field Club of Omaha donates the space on their golf course, and they cover the expense of providing security and portable restrooms for the event at no charge to us.
3. Sponsor banner. We have a 4’ parade banner made for this event, carrying the names of all of the donors who gave $100+, which we budget $100 for.

We started the year with $2,500 from our efforts in 2017, and received ~$1,500 in donations outside of the IOBY campaign, leaving us with ~$3,500 we needed to raise on IOBY. We have so-far (with the help of the OneOmaha match) raised $3,870 on IOBY - subtracting out the fees, we will receive $3,505, which meets our overall funding objective AND maximizes the $2,000 OneOmaha match (I think we had $65 match potential remaining, which is awesome).


6/8/ Update

So, almost $1,000 raised in the first few days - thanks to a number of generous donors and the matching funds from OneOmaha, we are well on our way to hitting our goal.  As it stands right now, we are still projected to be short ... we have ~$4,800 in actual received funds (from here, donations via check/paypal, and the leftover funds from 2017), and have ~$2,000 from commitments that we have not yet received ... we are shooting for at least the $7,500 to put on the same quality show we've done in years past, so if you can contribute in any way, I encourage you to please do so!  We are getting close, folks!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Brown's
  • Jeff & Kristy Clarke
  • Anonymous
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  • Melvin Family
  • C and M Hopkins
  • Anonymous
  • Julie Sommer
  • Susy Westerholm
  • Councilman Chris & Jennifer Jerram
  • Peggy Pavlik
  • Margo.. former Midtowner
  • Jody N.
  • Kerry Hoiberg
  • Zach and Carly Milleson
  • Jetta Genovesi-Skinner
  • Kristine M Mattini Evans
  • Kris Porter
  • Pam & Bob
  • Amber & Julian Brunt
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