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Urban Roots will be hosted at St. Peter and St. Paul church in Southwest Detroit
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the project

For 12 years, the Urban Roots Community Gardening Training Program has been training community leaders to establish and maintain thriving gardens and farms in the city. Urban Roots is a 9-week hands-on course designed to teach budding community leaders core community organizing and horticulture skills. The course emphasizes organic methods and is designed for gardens that are producing food.

Looking at the nearly 400 graduates, you’ll notice that Urban Roots has been a both an important shared experience and vital training ground for many of the most successful community garden leaders and urban agriculture organizations in Detroit. You can spot graduates everywhere you go…humble in nature, sporting their exclusive Urban Roots t-shirts, and working diligently to further their leadership and serve the community by leading workshops, hosting volunteer days, starting food entrepreneurship projects, and enhancing gardens all over the city.

In 2017, we’re looking to our community, and in particular URBAN ROOTS GRADS, to mobilize resources for making this great program possible this year!

the steps

  • Recruit a diverse group of 30-35 participants.
  • Finalize schedule and instructors.
  • Schedule staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure class curriculum is up-to-date and accessible to multiple learning styles.
  • Host classes.  
  • Support and encourage Urban Roots students throughout course to ensure at least 80% graduate from course and reach goal of starting or improving community garden project in the spring.
  • Host graduation and provide incentives for students completing the course requirements.

why we're doing it

The goal of Urban Roots is to strengthen Detroit’s local urban agriculture movement by equipping community leaders with a comprehensive skill set to start and maintain thriving community gardens that stabilize neighborhoods, connect people, beautify vacant lots, and grow healthy local produce.  


Disbursement budget (as of 2.20.17):

Keep Growing Detroit will be using the $1,0233.08 raised in our ioby campaign to cover a portion of the staff expenses associated with operating the Urban Roots program.

RAISED = $1,275.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $36.12

Updated budget (as of 12.21.16):

We've received a few donations offline and have reduced our online goal by this amount for the program description below. Help us raise these 2017 funds! This leaves $5,105 to raise.

Keep Growing Detroit subtotal to raise = $5,105
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $153
TOTAL TO RAISE on ioby = $5,293

Original budget description:

The total cost of the program is $7,800. Here's the breakdown: $4,835 for staff time for recruitment, class facilitation, preparation of instructors and volunteers, and working between classes with students; $550 for copies for reading materials and class activities; $400 for renting space; $980 for incentives for graduates; and $1,035 for refreshments and teaching supplies. The program generates $1,750 in revenue. That leaves $6,050 to raise. 

Keep Growing Detroit subtotal to raise = $6,050
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $182
TOTAL TO RAISE on ioby = $6,267




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  • Anonymous
  • Alice Bagley
  • Cara & Hobup
  • Aba Ifeoma
  • Loyce Turpin
  • Riet - Schumack
  • Daniel Schneider
  • Leah Retherford
  • Naim Edwards
  • Rob G
  • Jodee and Roy Raines
  • Elizabeth White
  • Emily
  • Elois M.
  • Thomas Family
  • Rich Samartino
  • Tepfirah Rushdan
  • Anonymous
  • Kathryn U
  • Sue Weckerle
  • Julia
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  • Ashley Atkinson
  • Sharon C.
  • Lindsay Pielack