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the project

This is a yearly festival centered on the appreciation of trees. There is no entry fee for either exhibitors or attendees. There are demonstrations of how trees are planted, trimmed and moved, by a number of local tree companies in the area. Children are given 'rides' up into the tree canopy. Information is given to attendees on how to care for their own trees. We have exhibitors such as garden clubs, state agencies, NGOs, city agencies and other groups that are tree / environment oriented.

We have a number of volunteers on the steering comittee who are involved with procuring food (which is provided free to the attendees and exhibitors), recruiting exhibitors, arranging marketing and signage, programs, and logistics and setup.

the steps

We will be having a number of meetings leading up to the Festival at which time various volunteer committees will deal with different aspects of the festival's organization as follows:

  • food
  • permits
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • volunteers
  • logistics
  • exhibitors
  • funding

why we're doing it

The Tree Festival’s mission is to educate residents about the vital contribution that community trees make to their health, welfare, and quality of life, and to provide an enjoyable, free-of-charge event that promotes the proper care of privately-owned trees.


FOOD AND BEVERAGE                $3200

SIGN MTLS, PREP, SETUP            $1500

SOUND SYSTEM                           $ 950

TABLES/CHAIR RENTL                   $ 900

ICE                                                $ 450

KIDS ACTIVITIES                            $ 550

PHOTOS/SUPPLIES                       $ 250

TABLE COVERS                              $ 100

FOOD FOR VOLUNTEERS               $ 150


MAIL                                               $ 100

STORAGE CONTAINERS                  $   30

TENTS                                             $ 800

EMS ON CALL                                 $ 500

SUBTOTAL = $11,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $330
TOTAL TO RAISE = $11,365

RAISED = $197.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $5.74

Revised Budget, 7/9/2014

The funds will be used for food for the volunteers and to purchase storage containers.


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