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Main entrances are on S. Elliot Place near Dekalb Ave.
Brooklyn (Fort Greene)
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Thank you!

the project

Please join over 5,000 New Yorkers on May 12th from 9 AM - 6 PM to connect, educate, and empower the food justice movement in New York. The 2012 Brooklyn Food Conference is a free community event and will have something for everyone:

▪  workshops and panel discussions on urban agriculture, healthy food access, school food, protecting our farm land from environmental toxins, economic development, food worker equity; and much more!

▪  a special forum on building a Rural-Urban Food Alliance

▪  mega session on fracking and saving our farmland

▪  neighborhood-designated sessions;

▪  a youth summit;

▪  an enormous expo of for-profit and non-profit organizations;

​▪ cooking demos

▪  lots of fantastic food for sale;

▪  kids activities

▪  music, films, theater, and visual art!  

▪  child care


the steps

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, the Brooklyn Food Coalition, along with hundreds of non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, schools, faith organizations, government, and residents will share ideas, teach each other what we know, celebrate lots of delicious food, and work together for the kind of food system change we need now.

why we're doing it

​The goals of the Conference are to build awareness and participation in the food justice movement in order to change the present food system so it provides healthy, affordable food for all, sustainable agriculture, and justice for food workers.


Equipment Rentals chairs (500), tables (150): $3,000 Party Time rentals Printing Program (6000): $9,000 Ragged Edge Press Project budget = $12000 Third Party Credit Card Processing fee (3%)= $360 ioby Materials and Labor = $35 Grand total = $12,395

Total raised = $7,992
ioby materials and labor = $35
Third party credit card processing (3%) = $231.76

Total disbursed to group = $7,725.24


Thank you!


Thank you again for your generous support of the Brooklyn Food Conference. It was a smashing success and made possible by you and other sponsors, volunteers, and supporters.  We want to give you a snapshot of the conference so you'll know just what your sponsorship created.


Total Numbers: Almost 6000 people participated in the Brooklyn Food Conference on May 12: 4000 general attendees, 500 staffing expo tables, 300 youth, 500 speakers and presenters, 500 volunteers. We had 275 sponsors and 250 organizations and businesses as exhibitors. 


Demographics: The majority of comments we received about the conference centered on its diversity, by race, ethnicity, gender, age and class.  Here are some stats we were able to glean from the over 2000 people who completed surveys. 

  • Responding to the question, "How would you identify your racial or ethnic group"  we received over 300 different responses: more than half self identified as members of groups other than "white or Caucasian". 
  • Attendees listed over 200 zip codes over 70% of which were in Brooklyn and from almost every zip code in the Borough. 
  • Attendees reported their household income at 19% $100,000+, 33% $50-$100,000, 33% $20-$49,999, 15% 0-$19,999.
  • Our age diversity was also strong: 36% 20-29 yrs old, 27% 30-39 yrs old, 14% 40-49 yrs old, 23% 50+ yrs old

The vast majority of exhibitors who responded to our surveys indicated that they had a good or excellent time at the conference.and would participate again next conference.  


We all appreciate the gracious hosts at Brooklyn Technical High School, Particular shout outs to the Park Slope Food Coop members who earned their work credits by volunteering at the conference. After much painstaking effort, all work credit has been squared away. And thank you to Beyond Care child care cooperative for providing loving care for close to 75 children that day.


From the feedback we've gotten so far we assure you that our next Brooklyn Food Conference, tentatively planned for Fall of 2014, will be even better and we'll start even earlier engaging all of you, gathering your ideas, projects and inspiration.


We look forward to speaking with you soon about some exciting projects we are cooking up to advance the food movement starting right now. Please expect to hear from us soon about ways we can collaborate in the near future.  We share the commitment to healthy food access for all, sustainable food systems and good jobs in the food system.  Let's make that happen together!


Warm regards,



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