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Reasons for your help: There aren't any type of living greenery on this block whereas on Riverside drive, up 135th between Broadway and Amsterdam and on Broadway itself there are greenery in view. This street is utilized as a main attraction by Tour buses, cars, MTA buses and Elected Officials that come to visit. Knowing they cannot plant in the ground we request for the cement or huge/ medium planters pots to be placed strategically up and down 135th street between Riverside Drive and Broadway.

the steps

This request is not unreasonable and could be achieved with help from Montefiore Neighborhood Beautification Project, CB9, Parks Department, Elected Officials and Managing agents on this block. Funding could help purchase the plants pottery and donations from the Montefiore, Elected Officials, Parks department and others could provide the greenery/plants for the block.

why we're doing it

1- To build up the Community's morale and image on 135th Street between Broadway and Riverside. 2- With a sewage plant blocks away and construction going on, we need to help the community in any way we can. This will help provide cleaner air,visual beauty and a sense of pride in our community.


planters (20 ) each planter 126.00 per planter = $2520
supplies - tools for project ( gardening tools, brooms, garden gloves,,Trees/plants to place in plantes (hoping on NYC parks Department donation of Greenery) = $480

project total = 3000
third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $90
ioby labor and materials fee= $35
total to fundraise= $3125


Updates and important information


Hello, West Harlem Empowerment Coalition!

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, July 11th @ 10am at New Covenant Temple on Amsterdam and the corner of 149th St.  Please join us for some very important updates!

The following will be discussed:

1) We have scheduled dates for street events through the end of August.  We need your help to keep things running smoothly at the events!  
They are all on a Friday evening with the following proposed locations.


7/13- 151st btw Ams/Broad
7/27- St Nick btw 153/155

8/10- 137th btw Ams/Broad
8/24- Hamilton Pl and 139th

Please follow this Doodle link below to show your support for the Street Event Dates.  Choose the dates you can help with and put them on your calendar now!

I would like to make contacting you as easy, convenient and uncluttered as possible.  Please follow the link to this poll and tell me how you would prefer I contact you: email, phone call or txt (or more than one).  I will try my best to abide by this!


Signe Mortensen

Secretary of the "500" Block W 150th Street Block Association
Interim Corresponding Secretary of WHEC (West Harlem Empowerment Coalition)

We are looking for organizations and agency's to set up information tables like Medicaid, food stamp, health care, Social security , jobs, education, volunteer jobs, so if you know anyone who would like to set up a table to give out information to the community please have them contact us.



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