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Our Community Fitness Officer program puts the power of making a positive impact on the health of Brownsville in the hands of the people who live and work in the community. The CFOs are able to combine their personal experience with our knowledge, tools, resources, and support to create effective wellness programs that resonate with their community.

Our mission is to certify 100 Community Fitness Officers in 2020, and we have a waitlist of people ready to join.

This fundraiser will support the expansion of the Community Fitness Officer program and contribute to our goal of certifying 100 CFOs in 2020 by certifying 50 CFOs who live or work in Brownsville or are dedicated to working in the community. Funding will directly contribute to CFO training.

By achieving this goal, we will expand the reach of our current efforts and increase the number of wellness workshops implemented at community board events, schools, churches, and other community organizations, while increasing interest in the CFO program.

the steps

The I AM GYM FOUNDATION INC. is actively promoting and recruiting members of the community to become Community Fitness Officers in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 

Interested members of the community will complete a short application to be considered for free training. The 8-hour training program costs $150, however through our fundraising efforts we hope to provide free training for as many people as possible 

Once members of the community are certified as Community Fitness Officers, they will organize and facilitate wellness events in Brownsville. 

why we're doing it

We are passionate about getting members of the community certified as Community Fitness Officers because the people who live and work in Brownsville experience a higher rate of preventable illnesses than any other neighborhood in New York City. 

We believe that by educating, empowering and supporting members of the community to organize and lead sustainable wellness programs, we will make a greater impact on shifting the overall health of the community because there will be a vested interest in making a positive transformation. 

We have a proven model of engaging the community, and our wellness programs a highly in demand. By showing more members of the community how to activate our programs, we can provide more of these programs to schools, churches, shelters, community centers, and elderly homes.


$150 - 8-Hour Community Fitness Officer Certification Class for 1 person 

We are raising $7,500 to get the first 50 people certified in support of reaching our goal to get 100 people certified as Community Fitness Officers in 2020

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