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the project

The Vibrant Horizons Mural Project is a creative endeavor by Ohio Selfie World Foundation to transform our building’s exterior into a vibrant canvas, celebrating the diverse tapestry of our community in Cleveland. With a budget of $14,000, we aim to collaborate with local artists, engage the community through workshops, and inspire educational programs around the mural. This project is about fostering unity, pride, and cultural appreciation, revitalizing our neighborhood and providing an enduring symbol of community strength. Your support will not only fund a beautiful mural but will also contribute to the cultural enrichment and economic revitalization of our beloved community. Join us in bringing this vibrant vision to life!

the steps

    1.    June 2024: Mural Design & Artist Selection
    •    Collaborate with local artists to craft a vibrant and culturally resonant mural design.
    •    Select mural artists through a community-driven process.
    2.    July 2024: Community Engagement Workshops
    •    Conduct mural painting workshops involving local residents.
    •    Foster community ownership and pride in the mural project.
    3.    August 2024: Mural Painting
    •    Employ experienced mural artists to execute the mural design.
    •    Ensure the use of durable and weather-resistant materials.
    4.    September 2024: Educational Outreach Programs
    •    Implement educational programs around the mural, including school visits and community events.
    •    Promote art appreciation and inspire the younger generation.
    5.    October 2024: Project Completion & Unveiling
    •    Finalize any remaining details to complete the mural project.
    •    Unveil the mural to the community with a celebratory event, showcasing the artistic achievement.

why we're doing it

The Vibrant Horizons Mural Project is not just about painting a beautiful mural; it’s a transformative initiative aimed at addressing various aspects of our community. By bringing this project to life, we aim to:

    1.    Foster Community Unity: The mural will celebrate our cultural diversity, fostering a sense of unity and pride among residents.
    2.    Revitalize the Neighborhood: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our building contributes to the overall beautification of the neighborhood, potentially attracting visitors and boosting local businesses.
    3.    Inspire the Next Generation: Through educational outreach programs, we aspire to inspire the younger generation, promoting art appreciation and creative expression.
    4.    Cultural Enrichment: The project aligns with our mission to enrich the cultural and artistic landscape of Cuyahoga County, making it a more vibrant and connected community.

Your support for the Vibrant Horizons Mural Project goes beyond funding; it’s an investment in community strength, cultural pride, and lasting positive change.


Mural Design & Artist Fees: $5,000 - Collaborating with local artists for an impactful and culturally resonant design.

Materials and Equipment: $3,000 - Durable and weather-resistant supplies for the mural’s execution.

Community Engagement Events: $2,500 - Workshops fostering community involvement and pride.

Educational Outreach Programs: $2,000 - Implementing educational initiatives, including school visits and community events.

Project Management: $1,500 - Overseeing coordination and ensuring successful project execution.


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A    $0.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $456.84
TOTAL TO RAISE    $14,456.84
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