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the project

Cada Paso is working! View our results here:

Why do people in the Upper East Side live 9 years longer than people in East Harlem? Why does East Harlem confront too many disparities in health and achievement outcomes? How can we fix these problems?

¡Palante! Camp Cada Paso is a summer camp for health justice. We study the air and water, we learn about climate change effects on our neighborhood, and we plan solutions. Our parents get access to food, housing, education, employment and health services. We spend everyday outside all day because this is the place to be.

This year we're glad our favorite community garden is returning in a new location. We're here to help with rebuilding and reactivating the space as a platform for providing everything families need.

Chenchita's Garden was on Madison Avenue between E 111th and 112th streets until about 5 years ago when the entire block was razed and redeveloped. Fortunately the developers agreed to reserve a new space for the garden. We lost our tall trees (visible in foreground), artwork, and lush ecosystem of cultivated and wild plants, but we have the opportunity to start anew now that the space is ready to reopen this summer. Working with the garden leadership we're using the space for training the next generation of East Harlem environmental activists, in the spirit of the Young Lords. Along with regrowing the garden, our parents and children activate the space in other ways. Community organizations from banking, employment, housing and food services meet us in the garden to enroll families with services they choose. Children as citizen scientists learn the ways we need to protect our air and water from pollution, noise and climate change; they envision the environments we need through their artwork and project plan which we present to our city councilmember. The garden is a place to grow, in so many ways and Chenchita's is the place.


Science, art, play, walking, gardening, history, exploration, activism... and change!

Thank you for any amount you give.

the steps

June-July: Program Prep

July 10-Aug 8: Camp Cada Paso!

Aug 10-31: Compiling Results

why we're doing it

East Harlem has a wealth of resources provided by so many partners.

Our job is to connect people with the things they need so our families can thrive.


Our favorite community garden is back (after the block was redeveloped) and it's time to get to work!

It's not just about plants; we're creating a place for all of us to play, learn and get the resources for our families to thrive.

We're talking food security, housing assistance, employment, and a whole lot more for the parents.

PLUS all the gardening, art, learnin' and, you know, fun camp stuff for the kids!


What we need to make it happen


Program Leaders $2,000.00 2 $4,000.00 Our program leaders are members of our own community who make everything happen: communticating with parents, conducting needs assessments, coordinating with garden leaderhip, health navigation and referrals
Youth Counselors $1,000.00 3 $3,000.00 Our youth counselors grew up in our programs and now lead the younger participants in our activities: health justice and environmental health teaching, gardening activities, and mentorship
Canopies $100.00 5 $500.00 The garden is in broad daylight while the new trees are growing; we need canopies to stay cool
Dirt $25.00 20 $500.00 We need to rebuild our garden beds
Art Supplies $200.00 1 $200.00 We "envision the environment" we want. Campers reflect what they've learned and discussed in mapping, drawing, and sculpting what healthy neighborhoods look like.
Gardening Tools $1,000.00 1 $1,000.00 Our program leaders are members of our own community who make everything happen: communticating with parents, conducting needs assessments, coordinating with garden leaderhip, health navigation and referrals
Honoraria $100.00 8 $800.00 We rely on the expertise of our communit members and organizations to provide the services our families need. They join us at the garden space and enroll us in services from food to banking. We respect their time.

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $204.08
TOTAL TO RAISE $10,204.08
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