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Getting attention in the local media can boost the visibility of your fundraising campaign, and attract new donors! In this webinar recording, you'll hear from three ioby leaders who have successfully worked with media to get coverage for their community crowdfunding campaign. Hear their stories of making positive change in their communities, as well as practical tips for pitching, storytelling, and working with media outlets. Plus, some of ioby's favorite make-or-break fundraising advice.

This Photography & Video for Crowdfunding webinar recording includes:

  • Three project leaders from across the country share their tips for getting press and publicity to crowdfund
  • Five top tips for working with the press
  • Advice on how to leverage the media for your community project, including advice from three successful ioby leaders
  • When crowdfunding is the right choice for your fundraising efforts 
  • How to tell a compelling story to the press 
  • And much, much more.


Holly Jackson, who crowdfunded for Walls of Love, a project to provide necessities to people experiencing homelessness in Cleveland without stigma

Marvin Stockwell, who crowdfunded for Roundhouse Revival, a community-led activation of the disused—but beloved—Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis

Sandra Alfonzo, who crowdfunded in Brooklyn, NY, to build a bike that kids with disabilities can use.

Katie Lorah, ioby's Director of Community and Marketing 


Kelsey Odom, ioby Leader Success Strategist