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The ioby One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge matched donations to resident-led projects taking an active role in shaping life in the Northside. Neighborhood organizations and leaders catalyzed new support to make the Northside greener, healthier, more sustainable, and more vibrant! 

ioby Pittsburgh collaborated with nonprofits, schools, community groups, and individuals to receive one-on-one fundraising coaching and dollar-for-dollar matching funds up to $10,000 on their ioby crowdfunding campaign in support of projects that build the Northside's positive future.  

We're still here to support your crowdfunding goals, even though the 2019-2020 matching grant is closed.

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How does it work? 

When you crowdfund on ioby for a project that is eligible for this match, donations will be doubled instantly so you can raise the money you need twice as fast. If someone donates $25, your page will reflect a donation of $50!

To get started, just share your project idea with us and we'll reach out to confirm that your project is eligible to be matched. Once you've been approved, you can get started crowdfunding and doubling your donations! This match is first come, first served, so the sooner you can get your campaign off the ground the better chance you'll be able to get up to $10,000 in donations matched. 

Completely new to ioby and crowdfunding? Click here to learn more about ioby! 

Is your idea eligible? 

For more details on eligibility and how this match works, read our match FAQ.

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Check out some of the projects that have already been funded on the Northside and across Pittsburgh.