Send us your Prospect Chart (strongly recommended)

A Leader Action Strategist is now reviewing the idea that you submitted in Step 1 and will be contacting you shortly to get you set up with a campaign on ioby. In the meantime, you'll probably want to fill out a Prospect Chart below and set some expectations for your group.



Click to enlarge:

Give it a shot.

Go ahead and try it out! Click directly in the cells on the spreadsheet below to make changes. Or, do you prefer a downloadable version? Email and we'll send you one right away. 

Want a downloadable version of the prospect chart? Have questions or need help strategizing? Contact your Leader Success Strategist at or call us at 917-464-4515x7.

When your Prospect Chart is complete, send it as an attachment to

Watched the video and created a prospect chart? You're ready to head to Step 3: Draft Your Campaign Page!