What is your elevator speech about your work? How do you frame your project to make it as persuasive as possible to others? In this webinar recording, you'll hear from a panel of community-based experts and pros on narrative strategy. They'll share tips and tricks for building your project’s story and how this is essential for a successful fundraising campaign. 

This Storytelling 101: How to Tell a Story webinar recording includes:

  • Three community leaders share how storytelling impacted their fundraising strategy. 
  • How to know when crowdfunding is the right tool to fundraise for your project.
  • How storytelling for your community can mobilize neighbors, gain buy-in, and train new advocates for your work. 


Alice Bagley, Unity in our Community Timebank 

Aylene McCallum, Arapahoe Street Protected Bike Lane 

Michele Crawford, Design as Protest, Day of Action


Kate Lorah, ioby's Director of Community and Marketing