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Note: Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge match funding may be used for projects aimed at mitigating or responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in eligible geographic areas.

Have an idea to make your community a healthier place to live? Need some cash to make it happen? 

The Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge supports residents (that's you!) as they take an active role in creating a culture of health in neighborhoods across New York State. When you crowdfund with ioby to raise the money you need to launch a project that boosts your community's health, we'll double your donations dollar-for-dollar up to $8,000. In previous years of the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge, local leaders across New York State have raised almost $720,000 for 85 projects that invest in their neighbors' health. 

Anyone can receive one-on-one fundraising support and dollar-for-dollar matching funds up to $8,000 on their ioby crowdfunding campaign in support of projects that improve public health outcomes in the following communities across New York State:

Near Westside, Syracuse • Brownsville, Brooklyn • Lower East Side, Manhattan • East Harlem, Manhattan • Clinton County, NY • Niagara Falls, NY

Simply share your project idea below to get started fundraising and doubling your dollars!

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What kind of projects are eligible?

Any project that helps to create a culture of health in your community can be eligible. These can include projects that address the impacts of COVID-19 in your community; improve street safety; add greenery; improve access to affordable healthy food; promote walking, biking, or exercise; educate your neighbors about healthy choices; and much more.

Eligible projects have included new community gardens, all-ages exercise groups, weekend yoga in the park, bike safety training, healthy parenting programs, food justice fanfares, creative nutrition classes, and pedestrian parades. Whatever your great idea is to boost health in your neighborhood, we want to hear it!

Eligibility guidelines

Read more about how to participate in the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge:  


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Join us for an online info session August 18th to learn everything you need to know about participating in the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge. 

Learn more about how neighbors are making their communities healthier, and check out videos, interviews and more in our Healthy Communities Toolkit

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About ioby

ioby helps neighbors grow and implement great ideas one block at a time. We believe it should be easy to make meaningful change “in our backyards” - the positive opposite of NIMBY. Neighbors nationwide have raised over $10 million on ioby for projects that make their communities healthier, greener, safer, and more livable. When you post project on ioby you can collect tax deductible donations, find new donors and volunteers, and receive one-on-one fundraising coaching. Learn more about ioby.

Support for this work was provided by the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth).