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Will ioby always have match funding for my project? Can I use ioby without match funding?

The majority of ioby Leaders nationwide fundraise successfully without match funding on their campaign. You can fundraise on ioby anytime without a match, for any US-based project that benefits your community, and still access our low-fee platform and one-on-one fundraising coaching services.


Why does ioby have match funding only for certain projects/at certain times? 

ioby partners nationally with other organizations doing good work in communities to create match funding opportunities that support our partner’s funding priorities. For this match, Grow to Learn has supplied ioby with a pool of funds to support  NYC school garden projects. When we have an opportunity that’s right for you, fundraising with a match can be a great way to double your fundraising power! Join ioby's mailing list to be sure you never miss a match funding opportunity. 


How much match funding can I receive on my campaign?

If approved for a Grow to Learn matching grant, you'll have $2,000 in match funding made available to your campaign. This matching grant is meant to help make your fundraising asks easier and incentivize you and your teammates to fundraise, so the full $2,000 is not guaranteed. You will need to raise a dollar to get a dollar. 


How does match funding on ioby work? 

When you are fundraise on ioby with match funding, donations to your campaign will be doubled instantly, so you move toward your goal twice as fast. So if someone donates $25, your page will reflect a donation of $50!

Your page will continue to accept donations after your goal is met and you can raise your campaign goal at any time. You are always welcome to raise more (unmatched) funds beyond the maximum match funding cap. And you can always keep what you raise, including any match funding applied to your campaign, even if you don't meet the maximum match funding cap. For example, here are some possible budget scenarios:

You raise: $2,000
Match funding added: $2,000
Total disbursed at end of campaign: $4,000

You raise: $5,000
Match funding added: $2,000
Total disbursed at end of campaign: $7,000

You raise: $1,200
Match funding added: $1,200
Total disbursed at end of campaign: $2,400


How do I get approved for match funding?

Apply for match funding through Grow to Learn's typical grant process at The application deadline is October 27th. 


How is this opportunity different from Grow to Learn's Mini-Grant? 

This matching grant is intended for schools interested in fundraising above and beyond their Mini-Grant, so it's a great option for projects with budget needs of $4,000 or higher, or for any school garden leader interested in more deeply involving their school community and neighbors in supporting garden education. Also, funds raised on ioby as part of this program can be used to cover expenses, such as staff time, that are ineligible under the guidelines of Grow to Learn's Mini-Grant and many other grant programs.


When will I receive match funding?

Whenever you decide to close your campaign, your ioby Success Strategist will help you with our simple check disbursement process and you’ll receive the total you raised plus any match funding you received as one lump sum, minus ioby’s super-low fees. Please allow two weeks from closing your campaign to receiving your check.


Can match funding be applied to any donation? 

Match funding is meant to make it easier for you to reach out to your networks broadly to ask for donations, and not meant for doubling just one large gift. For that reason, $500 is the maximum amount that will be matched on any single donation.


Does ioby accept checks? 

Yes. It's not standard practice, but if you have a donor who prefers to give by check instead of making a credit card donation on your page, they can send their check to ioby to be applied to your campaign. ioby's standard processing fee (3%) also applies to check donations, and check donations are able to be matched. We won’t be able to match a check donation until we receive and process the check, whereas online donations are matched instantly.


Should the goal I set on my fundraising page include the amount of match funding I hope to receive?

Yes. For example, if you need $4,000 to implement your project, your public goal on your page should be $4,000—but you would only need to fundraise $2,000 toward that goal, which would be doubled as you fundraise.


What if I use up the maximum match amount but want to keep fundraising? 

Great! You may always continue to fundraise (unmatched) dollars after you’ve reached the match cap of $2,000. Your page will stay active and continue to accept donations until YOU decide to end your campaign. 


What if I don’t meet my goal?

We want everyone to be successful, and ioby’s training materials and one-on-one support are intended to give you and your team everything you need to hav a succesful campaign. However, with ioby’s Flexible Finish policy, you can always keep what you raise, even if you fall short of your original goal. Your Success Strategist will simply ask you to edit your project budget to show how the amount you raised will be used toward your planned project, and we’ll disburse your total raised (including any match funds applied to your campaign).  Any unused match funds will be rolled into a future grant fund for NYC school garden projects. 


Other questions?

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