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Frequently Asked Questions

the problem

If you've ever held a planning or policy leadership role in the public sector, chances are good that you've asked yourself these questions: 

  • How can we be sure that we're responding quickly and effectively to the real needs and ideas of residents?
  • In our planning processes, how can we include the voices of residents in neighborhoods with long histories of disinvestment
  • How can we expand and deepen our community engagement with a tight budget and scarce resources?

ioby's solution

Cities from New York to Cleveland to Los Angeles have used civic crowdfunding to change the way they engage residents in long-term planning and project delivery. ioby helps governments refine their community engagement strategies to be more efficient, meaningful, and impactful. 

At the core of our government partnerships is a series of powerful civic crowdfunding tools, customized to fit the needs of every city that uses it. ioby advises on:

  • Strategy: we take a look at your city’s community engagement strategy, carefully craft solutions that fit your needs, and the needs of residents. We also host a series of webinars to help you think through how civic crowdfunding can work for your city.
  • Design: we build a custom landing page for your city that showcases the work of residents who are working on innovative and high-impact projects.
  • Insight: ioby provides data back to the government, including residents’ visions, values, problem statements and pain points, preferred solutions

learn with us

ioby hosts an ongoing series of webinars on civic crowdfunding for government employees. Join us as we explore how civic crowdfunding can amplify your office or agency's community engagement strategy. 

No webinars are currently scheduled. Please check back soon.


recordings of past webinars

Civic Crowdfunding for City Government: How Does it Work?

Civic Crowdfunding for a Smarter, More Resilient City


contact us

For more information on ioby's public sector partnerships, please contact:

 David Weinberger

 City Partnerships Director


 (917) 464-4515, ext. 3

 Schedule a time to speak to David!




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