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COVID-19: Times are tough, but our communities are tougher. Learn more about how you and your neighbors can play a part in tackling community challenges.

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Feminism isn't a dirty word anymore, but there's still far to go until we get to full liberation for women and people who are gender non-conforming. In this webinar recording, you'll learn from community leaders who are crowdfunding to build powerful projects that fight for gender justice and push against harmful power structures. 

This gender justice webinar recording includes:

  • Three gender justice project blueprints and results to get inspired. 
  • How to build a team and develop leadership for a gender justice project
  • How storytelling can strengthen your fundraising strategy, mobilize neighbors and get buy-in from the community. 
  • How long term, structural change can be made with a gender justice project. 
  • Why crowdfunding can be the right tool to raise funds for your gender justice project.


Brooke Harris, Hollaback! Detroit

Lauren Betters, Gender Equality Law Center

Eli Cloud, Sister Supply


Dominique Williams, ioby's Leader Success Strategist