*Please note that as of June 30, 2023 our project fee has been updated to 4%, and our fiscal sponsorship fee has been updated to 8%.

Posting a project on ioby is a great way to support your idea for your neighborhood, and our fees are among the lowest of any platform out there.

A 4% donation processing fee applies to all project donations. When we process credit card donations, this fee is passed along to our third party processor. When we accept donations made by check, this fee covers our internal processing. This fee cannot be waived, and is retained at disbursement.



If your organization has its own 501(c)3 charitable status or has its own fiscal sponsorship, the 4% fee is the only fee you'll pay to ioby.

But, if your group does not have 501(c)3 charitable status and wants to use ioby's Fiscal Sponsorship Service, we charge 8% for ioby's fiscal sponsorship service. Here's more information on our fiscal sponsorship service.


Answers to some common questions:

Q: How are fees calculated?

A: Our fees are calculated based on the total amount of money that you raise. Fees for donation processing (4%) and ioby fiscal sponsorship (8%, if applicable) are calculated independently based on your total amount raised.

For example, if you need $1,000 to fund your project and use ioby's fiscal sponsorship service, your budget and fee would be as follows:

$1,000 (the final budget you'd like disbursed) + $40 donation processing fee (4% of total raised) + $80 fiscal sponsorship fee (8% of total raised) +  = $1,120 total to raise. 


Q: Do I pay anything upfront?

A: No. As shown above, the fees are built into the total that you'll need to raise for your project. Applicable fees are retained by ioby when we disburse the money you raised to you or your fiscal sponsor at the end of your campaign.


Q: What happens if my budget changes?

A: Your fees are adjusted along with your new budget. If you need to use our Flexible Finish policy, then your fees are recalculated before your funds are disbursed.