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This webinar workshop is presented by the 400 Years of Inequality initiative, a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to dismantling structural inequality and building strong, healthy communities. It was born out of a call to observe the 400th anniversary of the first landing of Africans at Jamestown to be sold into bondage. In this webinar, we’ll explore that history and imagine what that means for our present today. How do those legacies shape the work of creating justice today? How can we vision and organize in the service of what we’re ‘for’? And how do we build people’s power in these times? 

This webinar recording on envisioning a just future includes:

  • An exploration on the 400 years project and their framework for unpacking our history and present together with their community

  • How and why we should go from fighting "against," to envisioning and working towards a shared vision of what we're "for"
  • An interactive exercise (pause and follow along even on the recording!) on how to turn what we're "against" into things we're "for" to help shape your own fight for a just future


  • Dominic T. Moulden, a University of Orange Ernest Thompson Fellow and a longtime resource organizer at Organizing Neighborhood Equity (ONE DC), a collectively-led organization that builds people power and economic and racial equity in Washington, DC.
  • Molly Rose Kaufman, the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the University of Orange, a free people’s school dedicated to education for equitable cities.
  • Aubrey Murdock, Co-director & Lead Designer for the University of Orange. Murdock focuses on the role of media and design within civic education and involvement.