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Almost everything around us was designed by someone; our homes, schools, workplaces, and nearly every imaginable public space. Design is everywhere and, for better or for worse, it shapes the quality of our lives.

In this webinar recording, ioby co-founder and CEO Erin Barnes and author and architect John Cary explore how the design of our homes, buildings, and public spaces can be accountable to diverse communities, respond to our everyday needs, and improve our quality of life. Learn why building civic participation and growing resident leadership should be center-pieces of designing for the collective good, and hear about examples of neighborhood projects that illustrate the power of collaboration.

This Design for Good webinar recording includes:

  • An overview of how architecture and urban planning impacts public spaces
  • Stories from an architect including favorite and least favorite examples of inclusive design
  • How to design public spaces specifically for and with the people the space will impact, including women and people of color. 
  • How public space or civic space serves a purpose in human society
  • An architect's advice to informal designers and community organizers about activating imagination and things to consider when designing great spaces and places.


John Cary, architect and author


Erin Barnes, ioby co-founder and CEO