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Whether you need some equipment to get a new community garden off the ground, or you're organizing a neighborhood mutual aid project, at some point you'll likely need to think about fundraising. It isn't always glamorous, and it might even be daunting at times, but it's often just got to happen. We want to help make the process easier for you. In this pre-recorded webinar, we'll walk you through one of the most important pieces of any successful fundraising campaign: crafting a compelling story. Get tips, tricks, and field-tested advice, as well as a few real-life case studies to help boost your fundraising plan.

This webinar on Crafting a Compelling Story includes:

  • The five (plus one) steps of crafting the story that will most likely encourage donations 
  • Two case studies of real-life examples of project leaders and the powerful stories they told that led to community support
  • Our time-honored advice on moving beyond discomfort to making an ask for donations (spoiler: practice, practice, practice!)
  • How to turn your supporters and board members into storytelling (and fundraising) pros


  • Dominique Williams, Senior Success Strategist

  • Dawn Arrington, Cleveland Action Strategist